Baxter State Park - Fowler Ponds

3:33 p.m. on June 23, 2014 (EDT)
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Just a quick report and a few pics from a three day family trip we took last week.  If you want the long version with a lot more pics it can be found here

We took the Tot out for her first real backpacking trip last week.  One night each at Lower Fowler and Middle Fowler ponds in Baxter.

Lower Fowler

Fire ring at Lower Fowler site.  Large tent pad set away from the fire.

Me in pack mule configuration at the Middle Fowler North site where we spent the second night.

The palatial Kelty TR3 If you are going to take the family you need a family sized tent

Rental canoes so you don't have to carry your own.  Luxury!

View from Lower Fowler Outlet site. Very pretty but rocky.  Good for hangers or small tents only.

Follow the link if you want the long version but the bottom line is if you have kids, take them out there where ever your "there" is.  Do it in an age appropriate way, but it is definitely time well spent.

6:24 p.m. on June 23, 2014 (EDT)
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great pictures, looks like you guys had a great time!

8:39 p.m. on June 23, 2014 (EDT)
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"Me in pack mule configuration"


Great photos!  Great trip!

11:21 a.m. on June 24, 2014 (EDT)
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Yep, bring the kids and load yourself up.  Its work, but worth it.

11:44 a.m. on June 24, 2014 (EDT)
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Lol, at "pack mule configuration."  Looks like you might have everything plus the kitchen sink.  Great pics.

1:08 p.m. on June 24, 2014 (EDT)
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MPaint said:

Lol, at "pack mule configuration."  Looks like you might have everything plus the kitchen sink.  Great pics.

 I actually made some custom straps so I could load all that gear on top of the pack.  The TR3 packs huge and since my wife was stuck using a T-a-R Trail Pro pad I brought one too in solidarity. Well that and I didn't want the Tot to poke a hole in my inflatable.  None of those go along on solo trips, but for family trips the rules change.

That load may look funny but it rode extremely well on that frame. Every trip right now is testing for the potential unsupported LT this fall, even the family excursions.  I may use that top shelf for added food storage for the thru.

9:57 a.m. on June 25, 2014 (EDT)
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i love that in your blog you state how it wasn't easy....that is why I so much appreciate the folks who make trips happen with family.

my solo trips are far different than ones that I bring my wife on. it is a whole other level of planning and checking and effort and compromise and patience

but then to add the little one to the mix.....hats' off to you!

May 6, 2016
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