Bicycled 7000 miles in 1983-84

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On September 1st 1983 I biked from Jackson Wyoming to Sodus NY, then to Hope AR and stayed thru the winter there at my parents house while working at Pizza Hut.
On March 28th 1984 I cycled on west to Tucson Az and then back to Jackson Hole.
I was on the road a total of 6 weeks, plus two weeks in New York,6 months in Arkansas and two weeks in Arizona.
My longest day was from East Yellowstone to Ten Sleep WY a distance of 156 miles in 7 hours with the wind at my back. My shortest day was in Monument Valley when a sand storm was blowing against me and I went about three miles.
It was my second bike tour. I rode a Fuji Mountain Bike, as I had used a Schwinn road bike the trip before and saw many places I wanted to ride on rough roads but could not. So when I did this one I chose a mtn bike.
I took a Rails to Trails route thru Wiconsin and a car ferry across Lake Michigan. In Port Huron I entered Ontario Canada and re-entered the US at Niagra Falls.
At St Louis I wanted to go up in the Arch but it was closed for some reason. In Texas I stayed in an old farmhouse along the highway and had a rattlesnake for a housemate. It found it when I went out in the middle of the night to take a whiz. In Tennesee a motorcyclist tried to run me down three times. In New York state I rode with a team of racers that were going south into Pennsylvania. Out of Tucson I met and rode 30 miles with some guys doing a Double Century on their way to Pheonix and back. Near Tuba City AZ I stopped and saw some dinosaur tracks.
In Utah a bike shop took 3 links from my chain because it had stretched after 6000 miles. I had a total of 12 flats and used the same set of tires the whole way, changing the front to the back and visa versa in Arkansas.
In Kansas I met 50 riders doing a bike centennial ride from Washington DC to Los Angeles. 30 of them were in a strong riding pack, then 24 more were spread out over 20 miles and one guy was walking his bike. He asked how far it was to the next town? I told him 30 miles, but that it was just a little place and that its was about 20 miles more to the next biggest place. He said he wanted to quit because it was too hard.
I met a guy in New Mexico that was 75 and riding a bike he built with a sleeping box attached that looked like a coffin with wheels. I also met a couple from Germany on a tandem bike. They were very loaded down and said they had ridden 6000 miles that summer. I met a guy near the Grand Canyon that had started in Prudoe Bay, Alaska and was going to the southern tip of South America. He started in April and expected to be done in October of the next year. All his gear, clothes and bike were sponsored by different companys. His clothes thru Adidas, his bike was from Giant, his touring gear was Blackburn and he said he had a contract with National Geographic to do a story on hime when he finished. I never recall ever seeing anything about his ride later.

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