Sycamore Canyon to Bear Canyon via Thimble Peak

5:41 p.m. on November 17, 2010 (EST)
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On Wednesday the 10th I woke at about 7 am, had breakfast and packed up at Hutches Pool to head back out from my overnight hike. Below is a video I made of me talking about the hike. Then pictures from the second days hike, 10 miles from Hutches Pool to the mouth of Bear Canyon...


Morning day 2, Hutches Pool.


Heading out Sabino Basin towards Sycamore Canyon below blue ridgeline on horizon.


A granite boulder with a ancient indian grinding hole. The Pima and other southwestern tribes ground Gamble Oak acorns into bread flour.


A Giant Saguaro and a old Mesquite Tree. Saguaro's are known to grow 20 years before making there first arm. This one has 6 arms about the same age and a trunk about a foot and a half in diameter.


Cholla Cactus fruit ready to eat. Just burn off the hair needles and peel. The hole in the end is where the flower grew before the fruit ripened.


Climbing out of Sabino Basin towards Sycamore Canyon, Thimble Peak second from right. Fires burnt thru the basin in 2003, grasses and Mesquites have grown back since.


Lower Sycamore Canyon drains towards Sabino Basin right to left.


A burnt out stump is all thats left of a old Mesquite tree along the trail.


Stopped at the pass between Sycamore and Bear Canyons.

Sycamore Basin


Looking back the way I came today. Hutches Pool is in the deep V in the lower center about 4 miles away.

The trail head south towards Thimble Peak and where I will have lunch.


A balanced rock of Granite up on the ridge above the trail.


The Santa Rosa Mountains 60 miles away on the horizon with Tucson and Thimble Peak. At the edge of the grass in the middle is a 1000 foot cliff above Bear Canyon. I sat there and had lunch. Mexico is about 75 miles away south, 15 south of the Santa Rita's.


Looking from about halfway down from the cliffs near Thimble Peak towards lower Bear Canyon. The trail is visable on the other side of the canyon.


Looking down into upper Bear Canyon. A Agave Century Plant on the right.


Put 'Em Up!

A Saguaro and Thimble Peak.

Saguaro covered hill above lower Bear Canyon.


Four armed Saguaro plays Hide & Seek, covering its face while counting to 1000.


Another balanced rock...


A young Saguaro with no arms holds up its fallen brother(sister?)  Many Saguaros live to a ripe old age, but sometimes die after falling with too many arms.


Adult and young Saguaro watch as I I walk down the trail. Is'nt the little one cute?

Middle Bear Creek has many pools of water from the October Monsoon rains.

The trail switchbacks down a long slope above Bear Canyon.

Eventually the switchbacks make it into Lower Bear Canyon. Looking south towards Tucson.


Across from the switchbacks is Seven Falls a natural area with falls and cascades with deep pools of water between each one. Its now about 4 pm and the suns shadow rolls over the pools.


At the lower end of Bear Canyon the creek ends up in small mirror pools as it slowly decends into the desert below.

 Jughandle Arch marks the bottom of the trail out of Bear Canyon, still about two miles away.


Fish hook Barrel Cactus awaits the cooling shade of sunset. The Pineapple like fruits with dried flowers are like a lemon taste. Called fishhook because of the curled purple needles.

Sunset on Saddleback Mountain above Bear Canyon on right.


Saguaro sunset against the Catalina Mountains around 6 pm.


The sun's last rays of light on Cacti and mountain peaks


11:35 a.m. on November 18, 2010 (EST)
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I need to take more picture of my travels. I enjoy looking at others trips. Your area is so diferant than the area I'm in.

12:25 p.m. on November 18, 2010 (EST)
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What part of Oregon is Reedsport in? Where did the name Reedsport come from? I have some friend living in Eugene. I came thru Oregon last in 1977 when I was one the road hitchhiking 8000 miles around the USA. I would someday like to do a bicycle tour down from Washingtons Olympic Coast to San Francisco. Oregon looks the most interesting!

1:17 p.m. on November 19, 2010 (EST)
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Gary, Great Photos and Thanks for Posting for so much did enjoy.

Have a Good Day!

May 22, 2018
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