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White Lightning Marshmallow Bar

rated 3 of 5 stars Small, three -bite, marshmallow soy crisp bar with a slight nutty undertone. The usual stickiness of marshmallow rice treats applies here! Don’t leave in your car unattended! Calories/nutrients-to-weight, it works as a trail snack as long as the taste suits you. I received this as part of a prize pack from Trailspace, thanks TS! Bentbrook’s review on 5/11/14 hit the high the nail on the head with the pictures on the ingredients and nutritional information. I took the same pictures and remembered… Full review

White Lightning Marshmallow Bar

rated 3 of 5 stars A quick lift is provided from this snack bar—"Anytime, anywhere, anyplace," to quote the packaging. For snacking when energy levels are lagging a bit or hunger is beginning to assert itself. Product seems to match its hype, but at a cost. The Hype The A3 Action Snax line is named after three colloquial adverbials that indicate the recommended time and place one may ingest this product--anytime, anywhere, anyplace (that's the A3 part; I shan't hazard a guess as to where "snax" came from). I learn… Full review

Honey Graham S'mores Bar

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Don't expect to spear this with a stick and roast it over the campfire. While "s'mores" flavored, this is an energy bar and is more about nutrition than being an accurate representation of the campfire classic. Then again, for 110 calories, it's a nice way of getting your s'mores fix without maxing-out on the calories. Also a surefire way to have 'em even if you can't build a fire! There isn't much I have to say contrary to what FromSageToSnow said in his own review. If for nothing else, this review… Full review

Honey Graham S'mores Bar

rated 4.5 of 5 stars A nice little crispy snack bar, good s'mores flavor. A3 Action Snax Honey Graham & S’mores I like S’mores. Anything s’mores flavored always grabs my attention. The A3 Action Snax S’mores bar was no exception. At 110 calories it was a low-risk option for a quick snack with the hopes of satisfying the craving for chocolatey, marshmallow-graham goodness without the time and mess of making a real s ‘more.    I get the feel that this is a smaller company just starting out.  I hope they… Full review

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A3 is an extension of the No Opportunity Wasted Bars created by The Amazing Race host and bike enthusiast Phil Keoghan.


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