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rated 5 of 5 stars I've worn them now for well over a year, and they show virtually no signs of wear. I wear them hiking here in Colorado Rockies, foothills, urban greater Denver trails, yard work, outdoor construction — EVERYTHING. I bought these in Feb. 2013. I have literally put them through hell; hiking and climbing in Colorado Rockies, hiking urban trails in greater Denver, worn to office [look great as long as kept well lubed with Obenauf's Leather Oil — and in wet weather and hiking wet snow well daubed… Full review


rated 1.5 of 5 stars Sore feet. I backpacked the mountains of AZ and NM in the Summits and put on about 500 miles and I am surprised my feet forgave me. I sent them back to STP for credit and they credited me the full amount paid. STP is a solid company. I used Lowa boots last year and they were great. I did just purchase the Alico Backcountry BP boot with a nylon shank instead of the steel shank of the Summit. A little softer ride maybe. Will give them a try along with some Lowa boots next trip to the SW Mtns. Full review


rated 2 of 5 stars Not the quality I expected given the reviews and the price. I sent the boots back after a short summer of use. REVIEW OF ALICO GUIDES AFTER A SHORT SUMMER OF USE I initially gave the boot a great review and I was excited about trying them out after using plain old work boots on steep hillsides for many seasons. I dug them the first season once they broke in—after they got soaking wet and softened up.  This year, the second season, I was noticing that the boots were wearing off-kilter and this… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars The Alico Tahoe is a hiking boot made by Alico sport, an Italian company. As far as I know, is the sole US distributor of Alico boots, and they only carry a handful of the Alico line.   I bought these boots because I was looking for a durable boot that would offer more protection during bushwhacks with a welt sole that could be replaced, as I have grown weary of the kabuki dance involved each time I needed to replace my trail runners du jour. At the time of this review, these… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars I'll second a lot of opinions here, however... Came to this site, as I'm looking for another pair, got 5-6 years out of my first, including one resole, and they were just plain beyond worn out.  Have 10-11 years out of this last set (I'm getting a lot more sedentary.)  This is a stiff boot, and of exceptional quality. They happened to fit me well out of the box and although they broke in slowly, they were for me always comfortable, never really blistered, or rubbed.  Support is exceptional, still… Full review

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