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I am a weekend backpacker, enjoying solo excursions…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $3.49

I am a weekend backpacker, enjoying solo excursions to a wilderness area near my home a few times a year. I haven't written a gear review before, because it seemed like everyone had already said it all about my equipment, but this product is so great, and I don't think many people know about it, I just had to write.

Okay, let's talk about poo. One of the questions inquisitive friends always ask is, "But where do you GO out there?" I explain that I spend some time digging a hole, fighting my way through roots and rocks, to get to the required depth, then just squat and go, covering up the hole when I'm ready to head home.

Being older (around 50) I can't get enough force behind those stupid little orange lightweight shovels, so I've had to carry this sharp garden trowel that weighs about a pound but has a saw blade edge and enough heft that it's effective. I still work up a sweat even in winter... Say what you want about being a wimp, but we'll talk when you're a fifty year old chick.

So I was tired of digging holes and I went on the web looking for a better way to go. LOL.

After some research I thought I'd give the Biffy Bag a try.

This product is great, as the previous reviewer noted. Works exactly as it is supposed to. It makes a kind of plastic container that you tie around your waist and pull out in front of you. Then you just squat and go. You put the "poo powder" that they give you in the plastic container, throw in any supplies you've used (it comes with plenty of toilet paper and a large wet wipe), tie up the plastic container, put that into the attached foil zip-lock, and you're done.

I've never had a problem with leaks. No stench. I even put any food garbage (like banana peels) in there so they don't stink up my pack either. I don't think you would have to, but I bring a trash bag to keep the used Biffys in, just for piece of mind.

It's a great design. At 3 bucks each (when you buy a supply) I find it well worth the price. I love the convenience of just throwing a few of these in my pack. I've taken the one pound metal shovel out of my pack, and I don't have to worry about running out of toilet paper any more.

Just Google "Biffy Bag" to find their comprehensive and informative website.

Oh, and shipping was fast and customer service was excellent.


The Biffy Bag is simply the best human waste bag or…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $3.49

The Biffy Bag is simply the best human waste bag or disposable toilet on the market today.

I have used the other waste bags, Restop2 and the Wag Bag. They are designed to be used with a bucket or commode to sit on. But if you have to spread them on the ground to use them they can get messy and difficult to use.

The Biffy Bag is designed to be used on its own without a bucket or commode to sit on, but works equally as well if you want to use a bucket or commode. It is the best of both worlds.

The Biffy Bag is very comfortable and sanitary to use . It comes with 2 straps that you tie around your waste. Then you pull the bag up between your legs and let gravity do the rest. I know it sound crazy but it works great. I think they have thought of everything. Ample toilet paper, over sized wet wipe for when you are done, odor proof transport bag and as they say peace of mind.

Drop the bucket and lose the loo all you need is the Biffy Bag. Check it out for yourself. You will love it.

Manufacturer's Description

The Biffy Bag brand personal disposable toilet system is a complete toilet that fits in the palm of your hand. Its small compact size makes it convenient to carry in your purse, pocket, glove box, tackle box or back pack. Its unique comfort fit design allows for a natural position and eliminates the need for lugging around an extra bucket or commode.

The revolutionary Biffy Powder’s secret formula engulfs the waste creating an immediate seal to eliminate odor and solidifies liquids for a safe and sanitary transport. The bag within a bag design offers 3 layers of leak protection and provides 4000 times the odor resistance of a standard garbage bag. The transport bag itself has a burst strength rating greater than 50 psi and a puncture resistant rating greater then 13 psi making it virtually leak proof.

It has everything you need for a sanitary, discrete and comfortable experience. It truly is a “Biffy in a Jiffy.”

The Biffy Bag personal disposable toilet system includes:
• 3 layers of leak protection
• The revolutionary Biffy Bag
• An Odor Free zip top Transport Bag
• One package of proprietary super absorbent Biffy Powder
• An abundance of 2-ply Toilet Paper to complete the job
• Over sized wipe, for freshening up when you are done
• Peace of Mind knowing you have a sanitary place to go whenever nature calls.

Easily disposable in any trash receptacle. It is landfill approved.

Available in quantities of 1, 3, 10, 25, 50 and 100.

Retailers' Descriptions

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You don't always get to choose when nature calls, so be prepared. The Biffy Bag Toliet Kit is compact, light weight, and provides you with everything you need to comfortably relieve yourself anywhere. Simply tie the bag around your waste, do what you have to do, pour in the secret Biffy Powder to turn liquids to solids, and lock it up inside 3 layers of spill protection for easy, odorless carry out or disposal in any trash can.

- Mountain Gear

Biffy Bag

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