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rated 3 of 5 stars Outside of those who share BioLite's concern about using biomass fuels cleanly, the BioLite CookStove is best suited for gadget lovers who like to play with fire. Being a wood-burning stove that requires electricity, this is an odd bird; This stove will keep you busy. I would not recommend it for most recreational backpackers due to the listed cons, but for car camping, bug out / emergency use, or simply as backcountry entertainment, this stove could fit the bill. Overview: The BioLite CookStove… Full review

PowerLight Mini

rated 4 of 5 stars Just picked this up and love the flexibility of the product. I don't see this as a replacement for a good headlamp when trekking in darkness and more focussed light is required. However, for a great tent light or travel light, this is fantastic. Adding the capability of a supplementary power source makes it even more versatile. Full review

PowerLight Mini

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Conclusions: The BioLite Powerlight Mini provides reasonable light for use around camp, with the additional benefit of recharge capacity for a cell phone, inReach, handheld GPSR, or small camera, and at a reasonable price. It is readily recharged with a small solar panel, making a total of just over a pound, which is reasonable for a backpacking trip. Heavy use as a night or hiking light or as a recharging source for frequent cell phone or inReach tracking use may require extra backup battery storage. Full review


rated 4.5 of 5 stars THE stove option for survivalists and people who enjoy extended wilderness hiking. The BioLite is great because it allows you to burn just about anything. sSmall sticks and twigs are the best but in a pinch we've used leaves, pinecones, coal, all sorts! Not only does that save you buying and carrying fuel but it means that the stove can be used in emergency and survival situations very effectively.  It also has a small turbine inside that uses excess heat to generate electricity! So you can keep… Full review


rated 4.5 of 5 stars Four years, over six backpacks a year I take this stove on. It's a winner. Four years and going strong being used on six backpacks a year. Some of those the stove ran from dark to bedtime (hours).  It's like having your personal campfire right next to you. Outperforms any other stove I have seen in heat. Can cook anything on it. Just be mindful of correct feeding of fuel. Get yourself an EZKut ratcheting pruner to cut your fuel with. Makes it fun and easy. After camp is set up I browse around… Full review

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