Black Diamond AvaLung II

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Black Diamond's nine-ounce Avalung II shoulder sling may be the most important piece of life-saving equipment you can wear when traveling in avalanche terrain.


AvaLung IITM is a remarkable filtration device that draws air directly from the snowpack, allowing you to breathe if trapped in an avalanche.


The Black Diamond AvaLung II is one of the most important developments in avalanche safety since the avalanche beacon. It should be a part of every backcountry traveler's tools. Use it in conjunction with a shovel, probe, transceiver, and experienced and capable companions to increase your chances of survival should you be caught in an avalanche. The Black Diamond AvaLung is designed for backcountry powder skiing & snowboarding, alpinism, and snowmobiling. The AvaLung is a simple filtration device which draws air directly from the snow pack. Even dense avalanche debris consists of approximately 50% air. The AvaLung membrane increases the surface area from which you breathe, making it possible to pull this air from the snow. You breathe in and out through the tube. The patented system within the AvaLung separates the O2 from the exhaled CO2, which is directed away from the air intake and out the back of the vest to diffuse through the snow pack. At the on snow demo last season, we watched them bury a guy in the snow for over an hour. When they dug him up, he was a little cold but otherwise fine (they even tested the CO2 levels in his blood). While we think that the AvaLung is a great innovation, we recognize that it does have its shortcomings. While tumbling in a slide, you might well lose your bite on the mouthpiece--or you may not even have had a chance to bite it. However, we feel that this device can increase your chances of survival. It's another great tool in your quiver. Get the Avalung II size that corresponds with your T-shirt size. They are highly adjustable.


The Black Diamond AvaLung II is a simple sling that acts as a life preserver for your lungs if you're trapped in an avalanche. Extends your air supply from the typical 15 minutes after burial to 58 minutes. Average rescue time with beacons is 20 minutes, so the AvaLung is well worth its small 9 ounce package. AvaLung mouthpiece delivers fresh air directly from the snowpack through its bi-valve intake box, and expels carbon dioxide to the exhaust port. Mouthpiece must be inserted before avalanche debris restricts movement. Minimizes 'ice masking' and tracheal packing to maintain an open airway. Worn over your clothing, the lightweight sling can be used in all-weather conditions. Also available as an AvaLung pack; we stock the Black Diamond Anarchist AvaLung, Outlaw AvaLung and Covert AvaLung. The innovative Black Diamond AvaLung is perhaps the most important piece of life-saving equipment you can wear in avalanche terrain. Weight: 265 g or 9.3 oz (size Small/Medium), 286 g or 10.1 oz (size Medium/Large). Small/Medium fits 44 kg to 73 kg, or 100 to 160 lbs. Medium/Large fits 68 kg to 102 kg, or 150 to 225 lbs. Color: Black

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