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One of the best running headlamps out right now, with…

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Price Paid: $80


One of the best running headlamps out right now, with a few quirks.


  • Lightweight
  • Balanced
  • Well-designed beam


  • Odd cord sleeve
  • Default "flashing" back
  • Cost

Winter in Montana makes it necessary to have some kind of illumination for your runs... unless you are ready to subject yourself to the treadmill for every run. Daylight hours are at a premium, so the search for a premium running headlamp is on.

The Black Diamond Sprinter stood out from the field as soon as it was released. It was reviewed to much acclaim on several running websites and, at the time, certainly seemed worth its rather steep MSRP of $80.  So, I sprang for it.  And, then I ran with it... a lot.

The Sprinter stands out in several aspects for runners. Black Diamond nailed the beam. It gives enough throw for all but the most technical of trails (which one probably shouldn't be running at dark anyway). And, at the same time, it is diffuse enough so that you don't get motion sick from a bouncing light.

The balance and weight of the headlamp is perfect. It goes on the head, stays there, doesn't bounce and one soon forgets that it is there. I have strapped it on my head early in the morning and, after the sun rises, forget that it is there until I yank my hat off (it's durable too!).

But, there are downsides to this headlamp. The light weight is accomplished through an irreplaceable battery pack. While it is light and slim, it is going to go belly-up some day.  Replaceable batteries really should be the order of day anymore.  

Another issue is the routing of the power cord. It goes through a sleeve on the head strap that you cannot remove it from. So, if you need to clean the band deeply (which my sweaty head needs), you have to work around it.

One final pick is that the flashing red light on the back is "on" by default. I'd rather choose to turn it on, rather than have to remember to turn it off. Probably just my preference.

Overall, the headlamp is an excellent running headlamp. I have used it for over a year without incident.  It doesn't show any significant wear on its working parts.  It does what it is asked to do and does it well.

And, Black Diamond is offering an updated 2012 version at a lower MSRP, which solves at least one of my concerns (power cord routing).  If they figure out how to make that battery pack replaceable, they would have an undeniable winner on their hands.

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Visit Black Diamond's Sprinter page.

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Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp - TitaniumThe Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp - Titanium has got to be on your accessory list, if you are a keen on enjoying after dark outdoor activities. One DoublePower LED bulb lights the path ahead, in one of the three settings of your convenience - full strength, dimming and strobe. You are guaranteed constant illumination on all these brightness specifications. Capable of being used in any weather condition, the lamp is water-resistant up to 3.3 ft. for 30 minutes, justifying its IPX rating of 7. This means that you can take a quick dip in a beautiful stream or lake without any worries. Powering the lamp is a lithium polymer battery that can be fully recharged, via the USB port in a matter of five hours. Buy the Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp today!

- SunnySports

Free Shipping. Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp FEATURES of the Black Diamond Sprinter 1 Double Power LED with 75 lumens (max setting) projects a strong, ovalized beam to light the path ahead Red taillight strobe for visibility in urban areas with on/off switch Powered by a lithium polymer rechargeable battery (5-hour USB charge time) Settings include full strength, dimming and strobe Regulated for constant illumination on max brightness setting Protected against water immersion down to 1 m (3.3 ft) for 30 minutes (IPX 7) SPECIFICATIONS of the Black Diamond Sprinter Led Type: 1 DoublePower Max Lumens: 75 Max Distance on Highest Setting: 45 m Max Distance on Lowest Setting: 7 m Max Burntime on Highest Setting: 6 H Max Burntime on Lowest Setting: 42 H Batteries: Rechargeable lithium polymer Weight With Batterie: Battery Enclosed: 3.7 oz / 105 g

- Moosejaw

For those who are not restricted to running in the daytime hours, the urban inspired Sprinter headlamp features excellent fore to aft balance and a super low profile to minimize bouncing and shifting. A rear red strobe offers safety around cars while a strong, ovalized beam keeps your vision focused on the path ahead. DoublePower LED with 68 lumens (max setting) projects a strong, ovalized beam optimized for running. Red taillight strobe for visibility in urban areas with on/off switch. Powered by a lithium polymer rechargeable battery (6-hour charge time). Settings include full strength, dimming and strobe. Regulated for constant illumination on max brightness setting. Sealed waterproof to 1 m (3.3 ft). Max Distance: 50 m Max Burn Time: 64 hours Weight w/o Batteries: 100 g, 3.5 oz. IPX Rating: 7

- Mountains Plus

With a sleek rechargeable design and excellent fore-aft balance, the 75-lumen Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp is a versatile, all-weather light that's ideal for high-impact use on the trail or the skin track. A red taillight strobe in the rear adds visibility in urban areas, and the lithium polymer battery recharges through a USB port in 5 hours. The Sprinter's waterproof design keeps it going strong in any weather, and the regulated design provides constant illumination throughout the battery life.