This is a sturdy trekking pole that does not slip.

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This is a sturdy trekking pole that does not slip.


  • Does not slip
  • Relatively light


  • Foam grips may cause discoloration on hand

I've had these trekking poles for a few years and they do what they are supposed to do. I purchased these to replace a set of poles that had the plastic flicklock locking system. The earlier poles had begun to slip when I came down hard on them.

I looked at these and they have the Black Diamond Flicklock Pro locking system. This is a metal locking system which really tightens the poles so that they just do not slip. Coming down a mountain they'll hold my weight and just do not slip.

They have foam grips and are easy to adjust. I have not had any discoloration on my hands because of the foam grips, but I did meet a fellow hiker who had the Trail Shock poles and he complained that his poles caused his hands to become discolored.

These are the regular Black Diamond Trail Pro poles and so far I've had no problems with discoloration on my hands. The discoloration may be caused by any foam grip with extended use. I just don't know. However, they are what I wanted, a set of trekking poles that would not slip.


Thanks for the review of your poles, Pointman!

6 months ago

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