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3-Day Assault Backpack

rated 5 of 5 stars Roomy, sturdy, overall not a bad pack, if you can afford the price tag. I've had the good fortune to have owned one of these for over a decade now.  It's proven itself to be a reliable, never-quit backpack for many occasions. I've used it as a light-duty day pack, a bicycling utility backpack, and even as a travel backpack. It's a roomy enough backpack, with a secondary pocket that's about half the volume of the main pocket. with careful packing, it could do as an overnight/ultra-minimalist weekender… Full review

Warrior Wear Boots

rated 4.5 of 5 stars After 20 minutes boot molds to foot. Boots fit tight at first, but conform to your foot fast. After the first twenty miles the fabric in the heel bunches up and needs to be cut out. This is a manufacturer flaw because this has happened on all three of the pairs that I own. The insert is magical and has lasted several years with no need for replacement after about 200 miles a pair. I have one for each type of environment (desert, jungle, trail) and all seem to do their job well, especially the extremely… Full review

3-Day Assault Backpack

rated 5 of 5 stars bought this when blackhawk was so new to the market that their catalog was in black and white with no color pics. mine was made in the usa and it's been used for travel for field combat paintball and firearms range gear carry- all here and abroad and not a single tear or rip. when those who knew it was blackhawk saw it they were very envious as during the early days the name blackhawk was synonimous with quality and durability from the usa. the company motto was "honor as a way of life" and their… Full review

3-Day Assault Backpack

rated 5 of 5 stars This has been one of the best daypacks I have ever owned. I have tried just about every differenect tech. day pack out there, and I am pretty hard on my gear. This pack is great, all the stress points are beefy, the fit is great, h2o bladder compatible, simple/utilitarian. This pack has been on lots of hikes (three two-day trips) in various conditions and no sign of unusual wear. I have gotten some odd looks from fellow hikers, questioning my digital camo pack, but I swapped packs for a TNF pack… Full review

3-Day Assault Backpack

rated 4 of 5 stars Advantages: 1) Beefy shoulder straps which are easily adjustable when wearing pack 2) Modularity- if you want to add some cu. in.'s you can buy the accessory pouches and/or stuff sack 3) Strap down points with optional straps (top or bottom) 4) Tool Loops 5) Removable Waistbelt 6) Large zippers with rubber coated pulls 7) Completely CamelBak compatible (i.e. hose opening at top of pack, large separate pocket which accommodates reservoir AND insulating bag Disadvantages: 1) Waistbelt padding and… Full review

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