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VLS Module 1 & Downmodule

rated 5 of 5 stars It is true. The best you can get. It is my backup system when traveling with motorcycles. No room to get? No problem. The small AND lightweight Carinthia VLS Module 1+2 will serve in all circumstances. I used it under a bridge and in the woods. It works. Warm and reasonably dry. When raining you need something to cover the whole sleeping bag (like a bridge). I honestly prefer a hotel room, but if there's nothing to find: my sleeping bag has never let me down. Full review

VLS Module 1 & Downmodule

rated 5 of 5 stars The best you can get. This combination of bag in bag satisfies my needs in the hot tropic as well as in the cold alpine regions of Austria (winter). The VLS system gives you a very light weight Module 1 (1,3kg) for the summer or warm weather from +20 to 0 C°. And if it's nessesary you can add in the Downmodul which keeps you warm down to minus 20C° (Comfort). The Module 1 also has a seperate space at the bottom outside were you can insert your Therm-A-Rest, closed on both sides with a velcro. Full review

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Carinthia, based in Austria, has been making sleeping bags, insulated outerwear, and tents for expeditions for more than 40 years.


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