Cleanwaste Wag Bag

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The Cleanwaste WAG Bag, Toilet in a Bag Waste Kit, is the key tothe Cleanwaste Dry Toilet System. The biodegradable bag containsa powder that gels waste, neutralizes odors and starts thedecay process.Each WAG Bag kit contains an outer zip-close disposalbag, a waste collection bag preloaded with waste treatmentpowder, toilet paper and a hand sanitizertowellete.The WAG (Waste Alleviation and Gelling) Bag containsenough gelling powder for 3-4 uses.The double bag system is made from a puncture resistantmaterial. It's spill proof and hygienic.The double bagged WAG bag is approved for disposal in any garbage can.In addition to use while boating, the bags work greatwhen hiking, backpacking, rock climbing or as part of anin-home emergency kit.They're essential for backcountry winter sports whenit's impossible to dig a "cat hole" for buryingwaste.Many boating areas now require you to carry out human waste. Even for those that don't, the removal of waste products protects the environment. Always check ahead with the area management agency to find out what they require for carry out systems. Always pack out used bags in a rigid, waterproof container.


Refills for The PETTTM Portable Environmental Toilet, these single-use, zip-close Cleanwaste WAG BAG Toilet in a BagTM human waste bags can also be used separately for camping.


Before you head into the woods for a week, grab the Cleanwaste Waste Bag Kit. These small, easily packable bags ensure that you pack out everything that you bring in. The strong plastic with zip closures prevents an unfortunate leak in your pack.


The Go Anywhere Toilet Kit from Clean Waste is a biodegradable double bag system approved for disposal in regular trash. Formerly called the WAG BAG, kit includes a waste collection bag pre-loaded with non-toxic Poo Powder waste treatment, a zip-close disposal bag, toilet paper and a hand sanitizer.Poo-Powder gels waste and controls odors, making the waste kit spill proof and hygienic. Use with the Waste Bag from Metolius, Go Anywhere portable toilet, on the ground or with any portable toilet.


Designed for use with the PETT portable toilet, these degradable waste bag kits include everything you need make the disposal of personal waste in a quick and hygienic process. Each bag contains the quick-gelling Pooh-Powder and waste bag, a zip-close disposal bag, toilet paper and hand sanitizer. It's an essential for long outings, or use in boats and campers when conventional plumbing is not available.

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