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rated 4 of 5 stars Just like you'd bend a SAM splint to make it stronger, DAC figured out that bending a stake in the middle makes it that much stronger. Hard (if not impossible) to bend, and easy to clean. Anytime I have a job that requires stakes, these are my number one choice and my standby. I use them exclusively with all my TNF tents. I even like these enough to have a spare set of ten around, just in case I need extra, or a friend does. If you've pitched, borrowed, or owned a tent from the North Face, you already… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars   So tent stakes...pretty straightforward, yes, but there are still fifty different choices out there. I also reviewed The North Face 10 Stake Set, which are the same exact aluminum stakes but include the reflective cord removal loop (which is useful, no-doubt-about-it).  The stakes are great, easy to put in and hold firm in the ground for guyout lines and tent corners/vestibules.  My suggestion though is to buy these DAC V-Stakes individually (EMS, $1.25/each), buy a spool of reflective cord… Full review

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DAC manufactures tent poles, stakes, connectors, and trekking poles.