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Emberlit UL Titanium

rated 5 of 5 stars If you need a small, lightweight, strong wood (bio mass) burning stove then this is it. It is strong enough that I have used it to cook breakfast in it using a cast iron skillet. The side hole allows for the continual feed of fresh fuel. Do be warned flames will shoot out the side. Setup: Take time to practice setting this stove up at home a few times. Once you get the hang of it, very easy. Ignition: All depends on the dryness of your wood. If you can start a camp fire you can use this stove. Full review

Emberlit Stove Stainless

rated 5 of 5 stars This is an awesome stove! No regrets, despite the weight! I bought this stove because I like the idea of the feeder hole, and the fact that I can use long sticks with minimal processing to keep this stove cooking, unlike others that take only tiny sticks and taking a chance of burning ones fingers while stoking the fire. ¬† This is an excellent choice, and made extremely well. It is a bit heavier than I expected, but it is very high quality and will last many, many years if not longer. I was on… Full review

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Emberlit Camp Stove

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