Esbit Alcohol Stove & Trekking Cookset CS985HA

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15 oz with 2 pots, stand, windscreen, and stove, which…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $35


15 oz with 2 pots, stand, windscreen, and stove, which are integrated. It uses Esbit solid fuel or alcohol.


  • Integrated
  • Good pot stand
  • Lightweight


  • Wind screen is inadequate

Nice and light, integrated pots and stove, and easy to use. I boiled 16 oz of water in 12 minutes. The stove has a screw top lid, so when you are done using it, unburnt fuel can be sealed with the stove and used. No waste.

Very easy setup and the stove uses both Esbit solid fuel and alcohol. Very easy to start, just put a match or lighter above alcohol reservoir and light. The stove has a flame extinguisher that is effective and easy to use to conserve fuel. It will burn for 30 minutes on 2.5 oz of fuel.

The ad claims it will bring 30 oz of water to a boil with 1.7 oz of alcohol in 10 to 15 minutes. I was only able to bring 24 oz of water to a boil in 15 minutes.

Even a light wind adversely affects the stove. I made an aluminum foil wind screen, which significantly increased its effectiveness. The stove nests into the pots and the entire cooking gear is very packable and secure. The handles are attached and stay cool even when cooking.


Esbit cs985h-ex cookset, very well made hard anodised…

Rating: rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: £45.08


Esbit cs985h-ex cookset, very well made hard anodised with a 930 mil pot and lid.


  • Strong
  • Quick to boil when using a windscreen
  • Pot is fitted with a heat exchanger


  • Not as light as a Caldera Cone or White Box


Here is a photo of the esbit cookset in its stuffsack next to my Optimus Heat Pouch (a perfect partnership!). The cookset weighs 430grams with out the Optimus Heat Pouch. It is a very durable well made cookset and the heat exchanger fitted to the 930mil pot is a very nice touch.

As you can see in the picture the cookset is really quite compact and if you use the Optimus Heat Pouch it fits in with room to spare.


I did two boil tests, each with 500 mil of cold water. The first test was without a windscreen. It boiled at 10.40. The second test was with a Trail Designs 6-inch windscreen the standard one. The result blew me away I got a boil at 7.30 which I am very pleased about that and the rugged dependability of the cookset. The stove set used 26mil of meths to boil the 500mil of cold water. I do find that the burner works best if you fill it to capacity!

So all in all a lightweight dependable cookset.

Here's a side view of the esbit 930mil pol you can see the graduations and the heat exchanger on the bottom.

This is the bottom of the esbit showing the heat exchanger.


These were exact times using winter cold tap water and with or without a windscreen

3 years ago

hm...mine doesn't have the heat exchanger, but works equally.

11 months ago

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