Exped MegaMat 10


Size 197 x 77 x 10 cm / 77.5 x 30 in
Weight 2580 g / 91 oz
Packed 79 x 25 cm / 31 x 9.8 in
Temperature - 48º C
Filling PU foam 13 kg / m³



Best basecamp pad available! For the person who wants…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $209


Best basecamp pad available!


  • Wide enough to move around, R-value 9+


  • Too long for two-person backpacking sized tents.

For the person who wants comfort while car camping or a way to rejuvenate with a good night's sleep at a basecamp, MegaMat 10 is the best mat made!

This mat is a wonder in snow as well. Rated for -54°F you can sleep well in all four seasons. It is like a high quality home mattress in an inflatable camping model. The firmness is adjustable, width is substantial, and length more than adequate. It has an R-value of 9+ so there really is no excuse for it not being comfortable!

I have used this mat for over two years. My history is two back surgeries and a bad knee. I used to wake up very tired and sore from previous mats. Since my backpacking time may be over permanently, I decided to find a better mat so my car camping days would not be over as well. 

Enter the MegaMat 10. Long and wide and 4" thick, it has a soft surface and has the adjustable firmness. It is easy to inflate and deflate once you get the hang of it. For over two years it has performed flawlessly, never losing air in the middle of the night, or even over multiple nights, and always delivering a superior night's sleep.

It is often the envy of the  campsite. I can't say enough good stuff about this pad. My only complaint is that it is not made in a 68" or 72" version. Because the pad is much like a mattress in shape, and backpacking tents tend to have sloping walls, this mat touches the sides, which can be a problem when the tent has any moisture. But the pad is great with larger tents.

The price is well worth the comfort it delivers.


Thanks for sharing your helpful review of this mat, Meme. I'd love to see some pictures of it, if you're willing to add some to your review.

17 days ago

A better night's sleep awaits. There is no better…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars


A better night's sleep awaits.


  • Comfort
  • Quality


  • Weight

There is no better mat on the market period. I have had mattresses at home that were not as comfortable. The pump is easy to use. The top is not tapered so the entire mat is usable. It is plush it is wide and it is long. It feels way more substantial than any other mat I have slept on. It is more comfortable than an air mattress.