Exped Schnozzel

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Weight 25 g / 1 oz
Size 50 x 9 cm / 19 x 3 in
Packed 9 x 4 cm / 4 x 2 in



This is a great multipurpose backpacking accessory…

Rating: rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $30 USD


This is a great multipurpose backpacking accessory for use with Exped sleeping Pads. Worth every penny of the cost.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Drybag


  • Cost
  • Small connector tube

I bought one of these to go with my DownMat 7 mat. I had to buy a small adaptor so the connectors of this bag would fit onto the built-in pump of the Downmat 7. You may ask, if it already has a built-in pump why would you buy this accessory and add weight and bulk to your setup? Two reasons, ease and speed of inflation and dry bag stuff sack for my down mummy bag.

First the pump function. This bag connects, via adapter in my scenario, to the Exped mats very easily. Then all you do is open the bag up so it is "inflated" like a balloon, close the top, and roll the air into the mat. I have an XS size mat and it literally only takes two bag fulls of air and it is completely full! It is WAY faster than using the built-in pump and much less effort too, and after a long day of hiking it is worth every penny!

Second it doubles as an extremely lightweight dry bag/stuff sack for my 20 degree 800 fill power down mummy bag. My bag (Exped Waterbloc 600) fits easily in the Schnozzel bag with some room to spare. It keeps it nice and dry and since I open up my mummy bag to loft when I also want to inflate my mat it works out great. I can also use it as a dirty clothes bag if it's a short trip and I'm NOT moving from place to place (requiring me to use it as a pump again).

The material is very thin and light and seems like it would be easily punctured, but after about 5 trips it is holding up just fine. Still I'm careful not to put any jagged or pointy items next to it in my pack. Normally it goes in the sleeping bag compartment which is separate in my Osprey pack. The tube at the bottom of the bag works as a relief valve when compressing the mummy bag inside of it.  

It is the one frustration I have because of how the tube attaches to the larger bag. It makes it hard to force the air out of this small tube (about 2" diameter). I think I'd just make the whole bag taper down to a point where the Schnozzle can connect to the mat. This would make it much easier to push air out of the bag when trying to compress your sleeping bag inside it and probably easier to push air into the mat too.

Having said that, I would still buy this again and again because of the ease and speed of using it as a pump. It really is ingenious. If I was an engineer I'd make adapters for this thing for every brand of sleeping mat out there, they would sell like hotcakes and Exped wouldn't be able to keep this Schnozzel bag in stock! 


Thanks for the review, Chris!

4 months ago

Nice review, Chris! I just got one of these yesterday and am already really impressed. I have a Big Agnes Pumphouse dry sack/inflator and the Schnozzel is way more effective. I love that it doubles as a pack liner, as well.

4 months ago

Sweet product, nice review and helpful suggestions on how to make it better. Thanks Chris.

4 months ago
Barbara Matthews

Nice review, great product! I used one of these over the summer. I agree with you about wishing it just tapered down. Simple, lightweight, easy, and fast- try this and there is no going back to the minipump.

4 months ago

Just a piece of advice, I adapted an Exped minipump to fit over the inflator of a Thermarest Neoair Xlite using a piece of bicycle tubing size 700c. I imagine the same could be done with the Schnozzel. It's a great design and I'm thinking about using this as opposed to the minipump. Because the Xlite material is so thin, I could see all the moisture buildup inside. This grossed me out (plus given the cost of xlite, I wanted to take care of it as much as possible), hence the reason for now using a pump. It's much easier on my lungs anyway. Thanks for sharing!

4 months ago

Oops, I may have just given away to secret to a DIY adapter for Exped to Thermarest. Sorry Exped but I had to make due since I couldn't find any alternatives!

4 months ago

Easy to use. At the beginning I had a hard time using…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: It came with the pad


Easy to use.


  • Weight
  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Excellent customer service


  • You need some practice

At the beginning I had a hard time using it, but with some practice my DownMat UL 7 pad was ready in less than 3 minutes. You just need to get the "technique" and then to repeat it.

The pump came with my Exped pad.

On my second trip in the high mountains (10,000 feet and more) two of the sides of the ending part, which goes to the pad, just separated and the hole appeared large about an inch. I was supprised, because it was new and used only once before.

I still managed to use the pump, but it was quite difficult trying to close the hole, with one of my hands, or asking a friend....and I was on a 10-day trip !

When I came back to Canada I went on the Exped web site, and wrote an email to the Canadian reference explaining the problem. I got almost immediate answer, "Give us your adresse and we'll send you new." A week later I got it by the post. No questions, no invoices sent, excellent customer service !!!

I think the problem was with the glue and both sides just separated. Anyway, it just happened to me on a trip, but it is an excellent pump and when you learn the technique you can fill your pad faster.