Forrest is no longer in business.

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rated 5 of 5 stars Part 3 of a 4 tool, 30 yr+ Field Test Hey if they can run cars for a million miles then write a review, why not the 30+ test on outdoor gear.  If gear is good enough to go the long run and still meet expectations equivalent to today's gear. First of the run - Simond Chacal, followed by the MacInnes-Peck Terrordactyl. This one is on the Forest Moljner of the Colorado Climbing world. Mine is a hammer face. Don't remember if they offered it with an adze.  If yes, would have been the smallest ever. … Full review

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Forrest Mountaineering was founded by Bill Forrest in Denver, CO around 1968.  The company developed and produced many firsts in mountaineering, such as the daisy chain, nuts, and the use of fiberglass in the handles of mountaineering tools.  Bill Forrest sold Forrest Mountaineering to Dick Olsen's Olsen Industries in 1985.


Forrest Mountaineering