Gossamer Gear ThinLight 1/8" Insulation Pad

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Weight 1.9 - 2.1 oz (54 - 60 g)
Dimensions 19.5 x 59 x 1/8 in (50 x 150 x .318 cm)
R-value ~.45



A little thin for use as a sleeping pad by itself…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars

A little thin for use as a sleeping pad by itself (for me), this shines when used in addition to the Gossamer Gear torso length pad. On most nights I tuck my empty backpack under my feet at night to provide a little insulation from the cold ground. In frosty conditions I carry a small square of this material to be used under my feet and legs as I sleep. Works great! This is not for cushion and comfort, this is merely to stop conductive heat loss. So simple, so light. Nothing to break, pop or leak.


I took this 1/8" pad on a 10 day trek on the John…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars

I took this 1/8" pad on a 10 day trek on the John Muir Trail in August 2008. I intended to use it for a bit of ground insulation, but I ended up using it for a lot more.

We all want to get comfortable when taking a break on the trail, but often that is hard to do. Sharp rocks and pine needles, pebbles, etc. -- ouch. The answer: this pad.

I packed it at the top of my pack, folded up, and grabbed it whenever I took a break. I would sit on it or lie on it: instant comfort. It took a bit of wear and tear from this use, but that's OK -- better wear and tear on it than on me.

At only about 2 oz., this is a no-brainer. My base pack weight was about 19 lbs., not including food and water (but including a bear canister), and the pad was a very welcome addition.

I'll use it again next summer when I finish up the JMT.

Manufacturer's Description

The ThinLight pad is not designed for padding, but for insulation. It provides much better insulation for the bottom of your body than the equivalent weight of down when you are lying on it.

Made of Evazote foam, these pads are made with a unique high pressure nitrogen gas solution process. What this means to you is the foam is amazingly light and strong for its density. The pads are tough, flexible and resilient, and exhibit good UV stability. As a closed-cell foam, they will not absorb water.

Use for insulation. Great for under your legs if using a torso-only pad and people who sleep cold, or for desert hikers it works to keep the heat of the ground from disturbing your sleep.

Gossamer Gear ThinLight 1/8" Insulation Pad


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