Granite Gear eVent Sil Compression DrySack


Weight 1.76 oz / 50 g 2.2 oz / 63 g 2.47 oz / 70 g 2.9 oz / 83 g
Dimensions 5 in x 7.25 in x 16 in / 12 cm x 19 cm x 38 cm 5.25 in x 7.75 in x 17 in / 13 cm x 20 cm x 43 cm 6 in x 8.75 in x 19 in / 15 cm x 22 cm x 48 cm 7 in x 10 in x 20.5 in / 17 cm x 25 cm x 52 cm
Capacity 475 cu in / 7.8 L 675 cu in / 11 L 975 cu in / 16L 1400 cu in / 23 L

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Awesome waterproof compression drysack. Ultralight…

Rating: rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $30


Awesome waterproof compression drysack. Ultralight and shaped to pack better than ever.


  • Ultralight 2.6oz
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • Compresses amazingly
  • Colors are dope
  • Can be used as standard roll top drysack
  • Can replace broken straps with paracord or shoelace
  • eVent


  • Toggles on end of pull string are junk.

Fighting to fit everything in my pack from day one, I came across these somehow. The rectangular shape helps fill the pack way easier then a bunch of cylinder shaped sacks could from my experience. I had a 25 degree Halo sleeping bag which took up the entire sleeping bag compartment in my Baltoro pack. After compressing down in this sack, it was less than half the size of the original stuff sack, and was basically the size of a six pack of cokes now. Awesome because I was now able to fit my air mattress and a fleece in the same area and still had space.

The fact that it's waterproof is key to me personally. A wet down sleeping bag is downright dangerous, and if conditions aren't warming up, your bag could be wet for days leaving you vulnerable in natures hands. I have two of these drysacks, one for my down bag, and one for my extra clothing layers because what good are your layers if they're wet?

Once I'm camping and packing up daily, I usually just roll the top down and snap the clip. No need to compress if you have the space. Make sure to roll the top 4 times or more to ensure the water stays out in case something were to happen. Even a leaky water bladder could put a damper on your trip if things aren't kept safe inside. 

At night I stuff all my extra layers into one of the sacks and use it as a pillow with my fleece wrapped around it for comfort. 

The only flaw it the little plastic toggles on the end of the compression straps. They are designed to look cool and be used as a grip, but I've pulled them right off many times. You can either pull the string instead of the toggle, or take them off and just tie a knot for gripping purposes. Not like you have to compress them down that tight though. Sometimes I barely compress them so the sack can be flattened out to fit better in different packs. 

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