GSI 50 oz. Java Drip

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Weight 19.8 oz
Dimensions 6.20 in x 4.80 in x 9.00 in
Materials Co-polyester and Silicone

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This product will make coffee, but it will take some…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $45


This product will make coffee, but it will take some time to do it. The coffee blend will depend on you.


  • Makes a lot more than an standard cup.
  • Everything fits in cup when not in use.


  • You need to preheat cup with hot water so boil extra water.
  • Not mentioned but I experienced heat loss.

About two years ago when I decided to go camping with a female companion I wondered how I would make my morning coffee. Since she also drinks coffee it would be too easy to bring a plug in coffee maker. I was at a campground which had electric and water and I didn't want to go that easy route so I looked at several options and purchased the JavaDrip coffee system.

Nice solidly built,and well designed. You basically put the cloth filter (included) or a #6 paper coffee filter in the drip cone,and add hot water to the desired level. The coffee then drips in to the cup. Simple yet effective.

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