GU Energy Gel

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I have tried all the flavors of the GU energy gel.

Rating: rated 3.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $1.25 each pack


I have tried all the flavors of the GU energy gel. The one that tastes the best to me are the strawberry banana and the peanut butter. The chocolate is way too filling and the mocha (caffeine in the ingredients) make me feel way too thirsty during the run.


  • Great size
  • Easy to open while running
  • Great for a boost before and during a running event


  • Takes a little getting used to the tastes
  • Caffeinated packs cause a little more dehydration than usual

Just this year running has become a very successful hobby of mine. While training for my fist half marathon I used GU. The first flavor I used was strawberry banana. The texture was comparable to syrup. The next few flavors I tried were the caramel, mocha (with caffeine), vanilla and chocolate.

Although I tried the other flavors available strawberry banana seamed to taste the best. Vanilla would be my least favorite. Chocolate filled me up too much and mocha caused me to be a little more dehydrated as usual while running.

Immediately I felt the boost they provide as I took them while training. I felt like I was running harder and longer than usual which was amazing training. During the half I used one at the very beginning and one at the nine mile marker. The crash is not really noticeable for me.

This is the only product I have used as a pre and during cardio activities. I really have nothing to compare to it because they do extremely great for me. These packs are light and easy to open during the run. 


Energy gel of last resort. Tastes like a mouth full…

Rating: rated 2.5 of 5 stars
Source: received it as a personal gift


Energy gel of last resort. Tastes like a mouth full of frosting.


  • no sugar high crash


  • taste
  • texture

Gu seems to be the best know brand of energy gels so they show up often at races. I've used these during races and have been given packages of them for training and have never had a problem with the formulation. They don't make me sick even on extended runs and they don't seem to cause a sugar high and crash.

What I really hate is the taste and texture, like a mouth full of cheap canned frosting.  In the cold it can be even thicker. I find myself putting off having a gel just because it isn't a pleasant taste.