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I already own the standard sized version or this set,…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $3.95

I already own the standard sized version or this set, but for solo trips I thought this would be a better choice. I figured correctly.

Total weight (verified) is .78 oz, and for the number of functions provided in the set, there is nothing lighter on the market. The two pieces snap together and are safe to put in your pack without worry of damage from poking through or abrasions.

It is also easy to attach to your pack's exterior with a small caribiner. There is no extra weight of a case, no metallic clanking sound if it's on the outside of your pack.

As for functionality, the fork section of the fork works perfectly, and the spoon section is deeper dished than most others that I've tried.

The real beauty of this set is in the other piece: a knife that cuts most anything well, a spatula, a spreader, and a scraper all in one. This set can do it all...even the holes in the handle allow you to use as a wisk.

As a testament to its durability, I have used one of the larger versions of this set to move hot BBQ coals around for sustained amounts of time, and only burned one edge slightly...performance is unaffected and the carbon burning wiped off. Reportedly handles up to 450 deg F.

Nothing sticks to this surface, and it is the actually a carbon negative product--the most environmentally friendly camping product you can buy.

I have purchased many products for the outdoors over the years, and this one of the best designed and executed items I've ever seen. Absolutely recommended, and without peer...particularly for the price.


Durable, inexpensive, compact, doesn't scratch pots.

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $6 ???


Durable, inexpensive, compact, doesn't scratch pots.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive


  • I'm not a big spork fan

I bought a set of the MicroBites because they were inexpensive. I'm currently baching it for working and living in a travel trailer. I use this set regularly for backpacking and for my travel trailer.

I don't use the spatula much, but it is my go-to tool for cleaning the rice and cooked on food out of my rice cooker that I use as a rice cooker, vegetable steamer, and soup pot a lot of times. I like the fact that these do not scratch up my pots, yet are durable and lightweight. 

Best of all they were  a lot more inexpensive than my titanium stuff.


Wish that I had found this before I had bought all…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: walmart? rei?


Wish that I had found this before I had bought all the other various sporks.... folding, sliding, titanium, plastic, titanium knife fork spoon sets.


  • this combination includes everything in a very useful, and light package, including the steak knife and spatula


  • if only I had found it sooner!
  • add a silicone spatula spreader to the spatula, child cheater!

I am in the process of gathering experiences... and the necessary gear / toys /  and gadgets!

There are a few items which really stand out, and some just work well enough to carry!


Guyot designs micro bites have moved to the top! ergonomic, simplistic design, packs well so far!

Like the knife on the spatula, but I want a silicone child cheater on the other side!

Dislike sporks in general works! 


Jetboil utensil set sliding spoon fork and spatula has been relegated to the lunch box!

Like the dedicated fork and spoon, but leery of the sliders... no problems with day to day lunchbox use!


Sea To Summit alpha utensil set; knife, fork, and spoon,  is now in the backup gear box!{titanium taste}

Like the dedicated knife, fork and spoon! but they don't pack well.


Light My Fire sporks have found a home in the dark filing cabinet! 

{too many broken in the pack!} and {knife in the mouth?}

besides being too short for most freeze dried meals


Through trial and error we are evolving, garnering wisdom from the many :}

Heavier and lighter it is like a bad diet plan!

We are putting together our 2 1/2 packs!  mommas pack will never see the trail :{ but still we hope!

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A spoon that is deep enough to hold soup, a fork thats tines are wide enough to twirl spaghetti, a spreader, a spatula and a knife that is sharp enough to really cut. It really does cut! The Guyot Designs are all snapped together ready for your camp set or your day bag. Replace disposable utensils and feel great about it! 2% of the sales of the MicroBites go to support organizations that help develop sustainable businesses.


A small product with a huge impact, the Guyot Designs MicroBites 5-in-1 Utensil Set includes five lightweight, environmentally-friendly utensils perfect for the trail, camp, office, or school.


Microbites is a fun, micro version of the original utensil set that features 5-in-1 utility: spoon, fork, knife, spatula and spreader. Utensil Dimensions: 1.7 x 8.6 x 0.7" Less than one ounce (24g) of high-temperature, nylon polymer Can withstand up to 450 F (232 C) and at 6", it can nest into most camp cookware sets Interlocking for easy storage Carbon negative, one set carries more than 25lbs of green house emissions reductions Item Specifications Color Red Includes Spork and Spatula

- Mountains Plus

Small in size, but big on performance, the versatile Guyot Designs MicroBites(TM) utensils make any meal just that much better. 5-in-1 functionality gives you the performance of a spoon, fork, knife, spatula and spreader. High-temperature nylon polymer can withstand temperatures up to 450degF. Compact size nests in most camp cookware sets; light weight won't hold you back. As part of the Guyot Designs C-Minus(TM) program, MicroBites(TM) are more than just ''carbon neutral,'' they're actually ''carbon negative''. Guyot Designs purchases enough carbon offsets to not only neutralize the production impacts of MicroBites, but to actually reduce greenhouse emissions. Each MicroBites set carries enough carbon offsets to account for more than 25 lbs. of verifiable greenhouse gas emissions reductions. Every product in the C-Minus program receives a unique serial number, allowing you to verify the carbon offsets at the Guyot Designs website.


Guyot Designs MicroBites Guyot Designs C-Minus MicroBites

- Rocky Mountain Trail