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This is a solid hammock underquilt for pretty much…

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This is a solid hammock underquilt for pretty much any weather situation I find myself in here in the Pacific NW. I've used it winter camping, as well as through the spring and summer.


  • Warm
  • Easy to use and setup

I got this during Hammock Gear's annual Cyber Monday sale last fall for a significant savings off the normal price. And then I waited...and waited some more, which was completely understandable considering the huge number of orders I am sure they received.

A month later, I received my quilt in the mail and made plans to get out with some friends on a snow camping trip on Mt. Hood. We snowshoed into a campsite and spent one night in the snow where it probably got down to the low 30s, with small bits of snow coming down too. I used my Mountain Hardwear UltraLamina 15F sleeping bag as a top quilt and between the two quilts I was snug as a bug in a rug and toasty warm too.

I have since used this under quilt with an Enlighted Equipment RevolutionX 20F top quilt from winter to summer all over Oregon, Washington, and Montana in various weather conditions and usually at elevations above 3,000 ft with no issues. I have stayed warm, never had CBS and have enjoyed this product immensely.

It fits easily in an 8L Sea to Summit dry sack, but I usually just cram it into the bottom of my backpack in the pack liner.


Hey, Pilgrim, can you add a link to the review. Also, do you have any specs on weight. FINALLY, do they do a Cyber Monday clearance every year?

3 years ago

As far as I know they do a Cyber Monday sale every year. The best place to know the sales is on the Hammock Forums.

3 years ago

They won't allow an external link...sorry!

3 years ago

I know hammockforums. Thanks!

3 years ago
Eric Owens

Praise hail the hammock forums! Lots of good advice and peeps to help with any question. I'm currently waiting on my incubator 20 as we speak.

2 years ago

HammockGear Incubator 20°


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