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A razor-sharp blade that is easy to maintain! Helle…

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A razor-sharp blade that is easy to maintain! Helle is a world-class knife manufacturer from Norway that makes their knives by hand in many styles. Triple laminated steel blade is highly corrosion resistant, and SUPER sharp. Traditional style hand made sheath does a perfect job keeping the blade from falling out, protected, and dry.


  • Excellent quality hand craftsmanship
  • High quality triple laminated steel blade
  • Easy to sharpen


  • On the expensive side ($100)

HELLE (hell-uh) knives are a world-class knife manufacturer from Norway. The facility lies in a small fishing village in Holmedal, in Sogn & Fjordane county.


Outdoor life was probably not foremost in the minds of brothers Steinar and Sigmund Helle when they started knife production in the old forge at home on their farm in Holmeland in 1932. Locally, their sheath knives quickly became extremely popular, and the foundations were soon laid for a small piece of Norwegian craftmanship history.

The local market soon became too small, and new markets needed to be conquered. Steinar Helle packed his rucksack full of knives and set off on the long trip over the mountains towards the east. On a bicycle!

In Oslo, he sold the knives for 40 øre apiece.

As there was no electricity in the village, the whetstones had to be spun manually during the initial period. When electricity arrived towards the end of the 1940′s it became possible to move production to larger and more suited premises. This did not mean that production became automated, however.

Then, as today, much of the production is done manually.

The Philosophy remains the same: Quality craftsmanship is best preserved by skilled craftsmen. Craftsmen with extensive experience and knowledge still take pride in making each and every Helle knife unique.

Today, Helle knives are sold all aound the world, and customers receive the same quality whether professional hunter, scout or outdoorsman. A knife that is designed to meet the demands of the outdoors, and one that will last for generations.



Weight: Knife-108 g

            Sheath-44 g

Blade: Triple Laminated Stainless Steel, 2,7 mm thickness

Handle: Curly Birch, Leather, and Reindeer Stag horn


This range of knives will never be like a stove, tent or pack... its quality of craftsmanship is so high, it will last several lifetimes with proper care. Beautiful, yes, but made to be used. This knife easily chews through willow, oak, tomatoes and a nice block or Parmesan/Reggiano. I have found the blade sharpens very quickly and easily with a diamond whetstone. The blade holds sharpness through lots of work, with very little dulling.

After owning many knives, this has quickly put my Gerber and Buck pieces to gather dust; an heirloom honoring its nicks, one by one...

Jake W

Good lord, that's a beautiful knife!

1 year ago

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