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Rondane 3

rated 4 of 5 stars Very good tent used in Yukon and Mongolia during 5 weeks each time. Very light (2.3 kg), many space, strong and stand good in windy weather. But... very expansive! and not enough height for tall people (I am 1.85 m). Full review

Rondane 3

rated 5 of 5 stars An excellent tent, amazing fabric, lightweight and incredible packed size make it possible to take with you whether you're alone or with 2 mates. Stands perfectly heavy rain for several days, even when a puddle forms under it! You can store your bags AND cook in the vestibule! But it's quite low and not very comfy in that respect (better for the wind though). Just be aware, once again it's a lightweight and can't really stand very strong winds. In that event, place it skillfully and don't forget… Full review

Svalbard 3

rated 5 of 5 stars As a Norwegian flyfisherman, wildlife explorist and photographer I have spent a lot of time hiking in the mountains. Summer as well as winter. One of the most important factors for ejoyng nature is comfort. Svalbar is comfort. Knowing that my tent will stand in all kind of weather and keep me dry is comfort. The solution with dome and tunnel in one is fantastic. It's probably the best winter tent available. Full review

Stetind 2

rated 4 of 5 stars I've used the Stetind in Finnish and Norwegian Lappland on several hikes, sometimes on my own, sometimes with my wife. Roomy for one person, tolerable for two. Light weight, small package, great design, top-quality in every detail. I can set it up in less than two minutes no matter what the weather is. Because the tent is very low, condensed water can be a problem on lowlands. For the windy fjells I can't imagine a better tent for a lone hiker. This tent makes stormy nights a pleasent experience. Full review

Svalbard 3

rated 5 of 5 stars I should say the 8 stars tent (I love it)!!! bought only 749 euros (Vieux Campeur, Paris, France) a real vault! maybe the best tent in the world...made for every kind of climate and ground (except maybe grounds like those u can find in the the quicky vanishing pockets of rainforest of Borneo..then it's better to get a tent-hamac) anyway u can still protect the ground of the inner tent and the very large storage entrance bringing 1 or 2 (2x3m) additional strong and lightweight waterproof ground/wall/roof… Full review

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