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10 Essentials for Backcountry Travel

While a comprehensive hiking, backpacking, or camping gear list depends on many factors (season, climate, terrain, distance, activities, and personal preference), certain outdoor gear is essential whether you’re exploring the trails in your local woods or heading off on an extended backcountry climb or ski.

Wherever you're going, always bring appropriate hiking and outdoor gear for each of the 10 Essentials:

  1. Navigation
  2. Sun protection
  3. Insulation (extra clothing)
  4. Illumination (lights)
  5. First-aid supplies
  6. Fire (starters)
  7. Repair kit and tools
  8. Nutrition (extra food)
  9. Hydration (extra water)
  10. Emergency shelter

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Recent Hiking/Camping Product Reviews

Sierra Designs Men's Backcountry Bed 800 3-Season

rated 5 of 5 stars Sierra Designs thought outside the traditional box in designing the Backcountry Bed sleeping system. Starting with a basic mummy bag, they removed the zipper and provided a curved opening in the top of the bed. They then attached an integrated oversized comforter that allows the sleeper easy access in and out of the bed. What you end up with is a hybrid mummy bag/quilt, providing the best of both worlds. The comforter, with insulated arm and hand pockets, can be left open or tucked into the bag. … Full review

Ozark Trail 16 x 9.5 Family Dome Tent

rated 4.5 of 5 stars 8 kids slept in it, easy to set up by myself I used a few times and loved it, still looks like new.  If you follow the instructions it is very easy.  It keeps the train and the bugs out. Full review

Equippr Summit Camping Kit

rated 5 of 5 stars This kit is intended for camping at festivals, but it worked well for me when I was just spending a weekend in the woods with some friends. It's a hodgepodge of essentials packed into a drawstring bag - things like baby wipes for cleanliness, sunscreen and bug wipes, a small tarp, some battery-powered lights, and other little knick-knacks. I'm pretty much a novice at camping, but a few friends invited me to a weekend in the woods. I didn't really know what to bring besides a tent and sleeping bag,… Full review

Jack Wolfskin Trail Head II

rated 4 of 5 stars Love the pack, a friend found it for me and I've been using it everyday for many months, the 2 top zippers finally broke but the rest is in top shape, I've been homeless for 2 years and this is the best pack yet. Love the pack, a friend found it for me and I've been using it everyday for many months, the 2 top zippers finally broke but the rest is in top shape, I've been homeless for 2 years and this is the best pack yet. It is very comfortable and even when i have over 50 lbs. in it which is quite… Full review

MSR Guardian Purifier

rated 4.5 of 5 stars The MSR Guardian is a top of the line water purification system that delivers on its impressive claims. Very fast, very efficient, and largely hassle-free (requires no backflushing). Excellent for the solo hiker, but perfect for larger groups. Disclaimer: This review is purely on design, usability, durability, and my overall opinion of the product. Without access to a water testing laboratory, I cannot make any claims regarding the actual efficacy for removing harmful impurities (biological and… Full review

ALPS Mountaineering Zion Pack

rated 3 of 5 stars This is a good first pack for a beginner. It is easy to adjust and holds plenty of gear for a week on the trail. I bought the ALPS Zion pack in 2015. I used it on a one-week trek of about 30 miles in 2016 and plan to use it on a two-week trek of over 50 miles in 2017, plus shorter work up treks. Since I bought it on sale for under $100 I consider it a good pack for the money. It holds plenty of gear and I like strapping my tent on top and my sleeping bag to the bottom. The external pouches work… Full review

ZPacks Zero

rated 4 of 5 stars The Zpacks Zero is a frameless, ultralight, customizable pack made of Cuben Fiber. Consisting of only a pack body and shoulder straps, to begin with, Zpacks allows you to add features, that you deem necessary, to make the pack as full featured (or minimalist) as you’d like. My favourite options available are the back pocket, the sleeping pad straps, and the key pocket. If I were looking to omit some features I would leave off the webbing belt and not have the seams taped. I’ve made a video to… Full review