Hilleberg Saivo

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I think this is an outstanding tent. I'm using it…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: approx 8000 SEK


I think this is an outstanding tent. I'm using it for kayaking and when ccountry skiing. It is easy to set up, since both the inner and outer tent are connected. It folds easy.


  • Totally safe whatever the conditions


  • Rather bulky when storing it in the kayak, but my hatches are rather small.

After checking the instructions, it is realy straight-forward to raise the tent. It is totally stable, even in the toughest winds, and if there is no soil, eg when setting up the tent on rocks, there are only 2 lines that need to be secured with a rock or a tri-cam.

I have never had problems with rain or condensation, thanks to the large ventilation openings in the roof. These openings can easily be adjusted ffrom the inside.

The entrance can handle a lot of gear and still leave room for cooking, and there is a smaller absid in the other end.

Since all poles are the same length it is easy to set up the tent even in the dark.

Where to Buy

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