Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews



Taste great, seem to do the trick for energy. These…

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Taste great, seem to do the trick for energy.


  • taste awesome
  • nutritious
  • caffeinated (Limeade)


  • crappy packaging
  • few calories

These are as good as energy chews get. I've tried the Clif energy block things and some Gatorade ones, not to mention gels and other stuff, and these are far and away the best. They taste great, kind of like honey flavored candy with a hint of whatever flavor they're selling it as, but not too sweet. They give a good kick, fill you up a decent amount, and the caffeinated ones definitely gave me a little boost when I needed it.  

The packaging isn't that great, it's a large bag for how many you get inside, but at least they aren't all stuck together. It's almost impossible to open the package without getting at least 2 separate pieces of trash, which is always annoying, and the package is shiny and crinkly. Not a huge deal, but it could be better.

Like the waffles, there aren't enough calories! I know I should go by how I feel when I have them, but I do feel like there are too few in these chews. At least with the chews you get the illusion of more food because you have more bites than a waffle and there is probably a larger volume of food here, but still...160 calories is child's play when you're doing a large amount physical exertion.  

They taste great, much better than other chews, much more natural, but they are small for the price (in calories). Recommended, on sale, or if you're a big fan of chews.


This is one great energy snack.

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $2

This is one great energy snack.