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Sawyer MINI Water Filter

rated 4 of 5 stars Compact lightweight water filter, easy to use, drink on the go, great for when you are on a river or lake. Used this for two years so far, backpacking and river rafting. Bags last me about one year. Sorry, I didn't keep track of how many gallons I filtered, but I go out on overnighters every month with several weeklong trips throughout the year. I "upgraded" to the 32oz bags when the small ones wore out. One should always carry an extra bag just in case. It's also nice if you have a hike from camp… Full review

Sawyer MINI Water Filter

rated 2 of 5 stars Worked well until the water pouch bursted. Then it became rather useless. When it worked, it worked really well. It takes some time to get your water, but this is a light and inexpensive system, so a tradeoff I was willing to make. Without a warning, my pouch bursted and I could no longer use the filter. This was after about 200 litres of filtered water. Full review

Sawyer MINI Water Filter

rated 3 of 5 stars Taste and clarity are a plus for solo packing. The Mini Sawyer is all right for an individual solo packing to conserve weight and space. Simple to use. Filling up the provided bladder is challenging in seeps trying to refill a 3-liter bladder and Nalgene bottle. Typically this took over 30 minutes to replenish water storage. The bladder gave out at the seam making the filtering of water dependent on someone else's used 16oz bottle which the threads did not match. Back flush takes time and requires… Full review

Katadyn BeFree

rated 5 of 5 stars Small, compact and easy to use. This filter is also fast and can be backwashed to clean out the filter. I used this filter while section hiking 500 miles of the AT. I could filter a half liter of water in seconds into another bottle or bag but also drink straight from the BeFree. It stores in the side of my pack. You just roll it up when not using so it's small and lightweight. It only weighs 2 oz. I never had problems with durability. It was great when the stream was low or slow moving because… Full review

Katadyn BeFree

rated 5 of 5 stars This handy water bottle and filter allows you to hydrate on the go, literally, and allows you to drink from any water source. Water tastes great and flow rate is good. This is a new on-the-go water filtration system. The Katadyn purifier is a personal and portable water filtration system designed to give you safe drinking water on the go. Now I am a believer in occasionally drinking unfiltered mountain water from very specific sources (and man is glacier fresh water tasty), but now with this… Full review

Katadyn BeFree

rated 5 of 5 stars Great choice for every outdoor pursuit! The award winning Katadyn BeFree water bottle and filter gives you the freedom to drink anytime, anywhere. The collapsible .6 liter flask packs small and fits into tight spaces. It’s a great backup water filter, but can readily be converted into your primary water filtration system. Description: The Katadyn BeFree Water Filtration System, a compact water bottle with integrated hollow fiber filter, makes a great choice for outdoor pursuits. The Katadyn BeFree… Full review

Sawyer MINI Water Filter

rated 4 of 5 stars Sawyer Mini Water Filter is a small lightweight filter. It is great for backpacking and hiking. The Sawyer Mini WaterFilter treats dirty water when you squeeze the water through the filter. It doesn't take long to filter. All you need to do is put it together and squeeze. It is plenty of water for me, but if there was a group of 4-5 I would probably have to refill it 2-3 time. Treating the water is very simple all you have to do is put it together and squeeze. It works constantly and always well. Full review

Sawyer PointOne Filter with Bucket Adapter

rated 5 of 5 stars A very adaptable filter for groups. My Katadyn cartridge filter would sometimes plug on long group trips and wouldn't backflush. This filter costs what a replacement Katadyn cartridge would cost. However, it back-flushes beautifully and has been used with a 10 liter water bag for group water on several trips and is still going strong. It is lighter and packs smaller than my old one. Full review

Sawyer MINI Water Filter

rated 4 of 5 stars This is a very light water filter with adequate flow if you're focused on minimizing the base weight of your pack. I have been focused on getting the base weight of my pack down under 20 pounds and one of the changes I made was going from a pump type water filter to the Sawyer Mini water filter. In general I am happy with the Sawyer Mini in that it does the job and only weighs in at about 2 oz. The filter comes as a kit and includes a syringe for washing the filter using a back flow, a 16 oz squeeze… Full review

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