Inova 24/7

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Dimensions 3" H x 2" W x 1" D
Weight 2.82 oz
Effective range 75 feet
Signal visibility 1.25 miles



This is quite the surprising and rather odd looking…

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This is quite the surprising and rather odd looking little light. Picture an octagon with 8 LEDs on the face, which is positioned vertically sitting atop a barrel that houses the battery. It attaches to accessories and anything else, that a belt clip will fit on, with a small metal belt clip.

It has a number of functions controlled by a twistable bezel. You get 4 white LEDs, 2 yellow LEDs, and 2 red LEDs. These are packed into a rather sturdy housing that is powered by a single lithium 123a battery.

As you twist the bezel clockwise it has 8 functions that include: 25% white, 100% white, white beacon flash, white SOS flash, 3 color fast distress flash, red/yellow slow alternating caution, 100% red, and when left in a position half way between two settings there is a very dim red flash that helps to locate the device in the dark. Most of these seem to be rather useful and straight forward.

The 24/7 comes with a lanyard, 4 wall mounts, a head strap, and a magnetic clip. It can be more than just a headlamp, even though I list it as a headlamp.

I have used this light from around the house to out biking and on the trail. It has been a good little light to have in your pocket thus far. It produces enough white light to see the trail right in front of you and around the campsite. It works wonders as a hazard beacon light from clipped on my Camelbak to on the magnetic clip attached to the car on the side of the highway. Its a good little signal or work light when changing a tire.

My one worry is that the bezel will pop off. I have had thin materials get caught under the bezel before but I haven't had it get pulled off yet.

In conclusion I would say that this is a useful light that I keep with me most of the time. I have found many uses for this light and I am sure that most anyone who has this light will too. It has stood up to snow and ice, desert, mud, and any other nasty stuff you can think of. It has kept working through it all.

Manufacturer's Description

The INOVA 24/7 pushes handheld lighting design to the absolute limit. More than a styling exercise, it has an almost infinite number of uses wherever light is needed. A precision-engineered multifunction tool, the 24/7 operates flawlessly in extreme environments and broadly varying temperature ranges where lesser flashlights would quickly show their inadequacies.

Utilizing advanced LED technology, it gives users the option of eight steady and signal functions. A stable base makes the 24/7 an ideal freestanding flashlight. It also comes with a built-in, stainless-steel clip for attaching to clothes or gear, and four special transport and mounting accessories to optimize its effectiveness.

The dramatic INOVA 24/7 greatly expands the role of the flashlight with meaningful innovation. The multi-purpose, multifunction 24/7 satisfies the strictest engineering requirements. Its polymer case is rugged, water-resistant and can endure temperatures from -20 to +50 degrees C. Offering eight light and use modes, its cluster of LED bulbs projects a forceful beam up to 75 feet and provides a two-mile signal visibility. The perfect tool for around the house, campground, workshop and countless other situations.

Product Highlights:
* Eight light modes: 3 steady lights, 4 emergency lights, 1 locator beacon
* Water-resistant construction
* Lifetime LEDs
* 123A lithium battery included
* Accessory kit for expanded use (neck lanyard, headband, magnetic mount, wall mount)
* Limited lifetime warranty USA

Inova 24/7

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