Joby Gorillapod Original

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A great little must-have photo accessory for taking…

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A great little must-have photo accessory for taking self-portraits, or any shot where a tripod is required.


  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Wrap-around legs allow it to attach to all kinds of things


  • Not good for large, heavy cameras
  • Not good as a video tripod (no pan, tilt head)unless you just need static shots

The Joby Gorillapad Original is one of those products that seems to have been made specifically for the outdoor adventurer. This is a small, lightweight tripod for use on small point and shoot cameras. If you have a large SLR with big lenses or a heavier camcorder then look to some of this companies larger offerings.  But for your average shooter using todays smaller digital cameras, the Joby Gorillapad Original tripod is ideal. 

The best thing about this durable little tripod is its flexibility. The legs are made up of many small, articulated joints that allow you to twist and bend the legs to suit the terrain on which it is resting. These bendable legs can be wrapped around a tree trunk, or fence post to get a perfect eye-level shot.  I've even got great self-portraits when canoeing, simply by fastening the legs to the end of a paddle, then holding the paddle out, away from me with the lens pointing back in my direction.

It also comes in real handy shooting those pretty sunsets, when the light is fading and you need to use a slower shutter speed to get the proper exposure...much better results than trying to hand-hold a camera. I've also used it to shoot video, but only for static shots, as it does not have a smooth pan/tilt head. 

This is a great little tripod to take on your next backcountry trek!

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