Julbo Colorado



I recently bought these glasses at a closeout price.

Rating: rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $25

I recently bought these glasses at a closeout price. To be completely honest these are the best pair of sunglasses I have ever owned. the last few pairs of sunglasses I bought were Dragons and before that I had a couple pair of Oakleys. As far as for the money these glasses beat both of the brands that I had owned.

I am a heavy biker and because these glasses have large lenses and guards on the sides they make them ideal for keeping the wind and bugs out of your eyes. Also the visual quality of the glasses is great. Although sometimes I get sick of seeing everything with a faint yellow tint.

The only gripe I have about these glasses is the guards are kind of made cheaply the thing holding them in are small plastic pegs that you have to forcibly insert in the holes on the rims of the glasses. I can see over time the pegs wearing out and/or breaking from removing and reinserting them. I have had them for almost 6 months and that is the only downside to them. So as far as I am concerned great buy even for the regular retail price!


For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: ~ $40


For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted a pair of Julbo glasses.


  • Good adjustable fit
  • Relatively good eye protection


  • Large folded size

For several decades I've wanted to own a pair of Julbo glasses. Not because they work so well, but because they look so good and so like "professional mountaineer" equipment. They were on special at one of the camping outlets, so I picked them up.

The first thing I noted was these glasses are verrrrry big when folded — I did not have a glasses case that would fit them. The case they came in could carry a medium-sized camera (I know — that's what I'm using the original case for now)! Even the big cases for the Yuppie large shades wouldn't fit. Just by happenstance I came across a glasses case clearance sale at a dollar store, and they actually had a case that fit the Colorado exactly without wasting any pack space.

On to the glasses themselves. The actual fit is quite good, especially considering I have a large face and needed a wide frame with long temple pieces. These glasses fit without squishing the side of my head in, and the flexible and bendable temple pieces let me adjust them for the best fit around my ears without putting pressure on my ears.

The lenses have good eye coverage, even with the side guards on, and they are plenty dark for use on summer glacier ice. They fit loosely enough to keep enough ventilation to avoid excessive fogging (a serious problem I've had with most other glasses). I don't know yet if I'll leave the side guards on, I've removed the guards on most of my previous glasses.  Even if I remove them, the Colorado wrap enough around my eyes to keep most of the side glare out.

On the whole, I recommend these glasses.


Well, the product image looks good, but we need to see a pic of you looking like a "professional mountaineer!" Sounds like you got a good deal on these, Waldy. Thanks for the review.

2 years ago