K2 Avalanche Probe ALU 300

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Yeah, you may have the lightest probe on the planet, but is it truly reliable, strong, and stiff like the K2 Aluminum Avalanche 300cm Probe' Made with durable aluminum components, the Avalanche 300 features a trigger-pull handle and non-slip textured shaft that allow for easy and quick assembly in stressful situations. Its long length helps you locate a buried avalanche victim and identify crevasses, while its one-centimeter markings enable you to collect precise snow-pit data.

- Backcountry.com

Flexible probes are adequate for collecting snowpit data and identifying crevasses and we hope thats the only time you ever need your probe But when its time to locate a buried avalanche victim saving a few grams on a shorter more flexible or fragile model could be a fatal mistake So even though our probes are as light as anything youll find on the market were most proud of the fact that theyre among the strongest and stiffest available Add the K2 Avalanche Probe Alu 300 to you backcountry pack todayFeaturesbull Rulerbull Backside Auto Lockbull Trigger Pull Handle

- Bentgate.com

During an emergency, you don't want your equipment to fail. The K2 Avalanche Probe Aluminum is lightweight but incredibly strong and stiff for in-field reliability, and the trigger Pull Handle and textured shaft make it simple and quick to set up and begin using immediately. Marked with 1cm increments, you can also measure snow pit depths before heading out.

- Mountain Gear

Don't mess around when it comes to avalanche safety. Heck, you don't buy a car because it advertises a shorter and much lighter seat belt. The K2 Avalanche Probe Alu 300 is the tool you would want if you are desperately trying to find someone buried. Think about it this way - carry a super light, short, and flexible probe for yourself. Buy this K2 probe, and give it to your friend to carry. 9 ft 10 in (300 cm) extended, 1 ft 4.5 in (42 cm) packed Backslide auto-lock, trigger pull handle and non-slip top shaft section makes for a quick assembly, even with gloves 1 cm markings for snow depth, or recording snow pit data Each segment has a tapered cone. This feature not only makes for faster assembly, but reduces the possibility of tube fracture

- OMCgear