Kako IceTrekkers Diamond Grip



Very good on packed snow and icy trails. I never slipped…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $39


Very good on packed snow and icy trails. I never slipped once. They fit on my boots great and I never had to worry about them coming loose.


  • Easy to put on.
  • Very good traction.

I purchased these for hiking on packed snow and ice. Since they require that you stretch them onto you boot I do it at home before getting out into the cold. I tested the traction on the packed snow and could not slide even if I tried.

I am very happy with this product.


My first impression of these was that I had accidentally…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $39.95 USD

My first impression of these was that I had accidentally bought some medieval torture device.  Spiked beads are threaded on steel cables to make up the "chains" on the soles of these, all held on with thick black rubber. Some users may have painful flashbacks from that scary girlfriend they had in college. 

These are the Hummer H1 of traction devices, tough and overbuilt. The link chains that hold the soles to the rubber welt are even welded at the seams. 

I have had Yaktraks and other similar devices and they all failed because the rubber parts touch the ground and wear through. The Trekkers don't have this issue though because the rubber part only holds onto the welt of your boot, far above the ground. 

I use these at work, when kick-sledding with the dog on frozen lakes and frozen roads. Shy of a set of crampons these are the best way to stay upright on ice. I could literally sprint or dance on a clear frozen lake and not slip with these on. 

Gas to drive to the frozen lake: $10

Ice Trekkers for your boots: $39.95

Not having the large-handed PA at the clinic have to reset your broken tailbone after a fall on the ice: PRICELESS