Kelly Kettle Aluminum Scout Medium Kelly Kettle

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This is an awesome way to heat water. I have used…

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This is an awesome way to heat water. I have used this with all sorts of twigs and sticks found around camp. No need to carry fuel. It can be a small challenge to light so I use cotton balls and occasionally a little vaseline. I store the cotton balls inside the kettle when not in use. It is bulkier than a campstove but you'll never run out of fuel.


  • Uses sticks and twigs. No need for fuel canisters


  • Bulky

The Kelly Kettle is for heating water period. There are cook top attachments but they can be cumbersome due to the design. But if all you need is hot water to mix with your food or drink the Kelly Kettle will work perfectly. 

Lighting it is easy but I usually use a little cotton ball to get it started quickly. Then you add twigs or other wood fuel through the volcano top. Once it gets going it is fun to watch and very entertaining for children. The center works like a volcano heating the water compartment from inside.

Very fast and efficient.

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