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I have been lusting after these pants for a while…

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I have been lusting after these pants for a while and when they went on clearance at my favorite local retailer I jumped at them. They are every bit as good as the price tag implies.


  • Stretch fabric
  • Great range of movement
  • Tough fabric
  • Styling enough to go straight from the crag to date night
  • Wife likes the way they fit me ;)


  • Not for wet weather
  • Full retail price is high

Kühl makes outdoor clothing that is tough, styling, functional and wicked expensive, to me anyway. No way was I shelling out eighty bucks for pants so I never owned a pair. They went on clearance for the same price as a pair of wrangler jeans (the cheap ones) so I attacked them like a dog on a bone. 

My main problem with outdoor clothing is that they either come in obnoxiously bright colors or make me look like I'm on safari or interviewing to be a lion tamer. I guess its too cliche to say that Kühl clothing looks cool but it does. 

Function is where it's at though. I'd never wear something outdoors for style alone so they need to perform.  Although these pants look like something you could wear to work in an office (with a business casual dress code) they really excel in the field. 

The stretchy spandex in the fabric and the cut of the pants makes them feel as comfy as a pair of old sweatpants while climbing. There is zero bind when high stepping during a spicy approach or when stretching for an off-route foothold on the crag.

The material is mostly cotton and is much more resistant to snags and abrasion than anything made of polyester or nylon.  I might not want to get these wet since cotton kills when it gets soaked, but I'd be way happier to run through the pokey-brush in these than my favorite softshell pants. 

Pockets are where they are supposed to be, they are the right size and there is a phone pocket like just about all pants have so no surprises here. They fit true to size for me just like I expected as well.  The snap closure and fly shows some forethought. The snap rides flat and there is an additional button flap closure that works well and adds a degree of "safety" in case you forgot to zip.  Reminds me of the flap on military BDUs.

I can't say that I'd ever buy these at full retail but if you want a pair of pants that you can wear just about anywhere and just walk up and start climbing w/o needing to change these are definitely worth it. 

I must admit that before wearing these climbing I wore them on date night with Mrs. SagetoSnow and they were a hit. 

If there had been more pairs on the clearance rack I'd have snatched them up too.  If you can spare the coin these are a must buy. 


"Mrs. SagetoSnow" — I love it!

12 months ago

Manufacturer's Description

The Kuhl Slackr pant sets you free on the weekend and apart from the crowd during the week. Luxury fine twill that is soft with just a touch of stretch and light fading.Inspired by Khakis but with Kuhl’s forward thinking design details and technical features-- including articulated knees. The front makes an understated conservative appearance, while the back has traditional jean style rear pockets.

  • Wundura™ Fabric : 8.1 oz. sq. yd, finely woven, combed cotton twill with a high thread count and added stretch.
  • Exclusive Free Ryde™ waist.   See Technology Tab.
  • Athletik Fit:  Relaxed fit to accommodate athletes’ thighs and hips.
  • Articulated knees allows for full range of motion. 
  • Ergonomically Designed Fit.  Moves like you.
  • Born Free™ Gusseted Crotch
  • Vintage Patina Dye
  • Fiocchi Snap lays flat

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