La Sportiva Bushido

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Nimble light but robust trail runner. Narrow last,…

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Nimble light but robust trail runner. Narrow last, great protection.


  • Light
  • Great Protection
  • Fit
  • Sticky Rubber


  • Rubber Durability?
  • Toe box could have more room


This shoe fits narrow. If you have wide feet you can stop reading now. If you have medium to narrow feet this trail runner will give you more support than you are used to. I have narrow feet and it is the first time that my mid foot and heel feel so locked in. There is a TPU frame and mid rock plate that really cups your mid foot and prevents any torsion from happening there. After 50Km I often have issues with the soles of my feet feeling battered by the trail. In these that is almost not an issue. 

The toe box could be more round/roomy for me. Has not been a real issue yet, but would be nice to have more wiggle room nonetheless. 



(These photos were from when they were still fresh out of the box. Plan to update after three months use, or 600Km trail use, whichever comes first.)



This is where this shoe really shines if you ask me. This is a great shoe on more technical trails. The rock plate is made by a TPU frame that wraps around your foot, instead of being a flat piece underneath only. This makes the connection between sole and upper way more sturdy than you'd expect. Because of this it feels like you are wearing more shoe or protection then you normally get from a pretty minimal trail runner. Especially when on steep terrain, sideways this adds to the security of this trail runner. 

There is a toe guard as well that goes all the way round, so you have some protection from when you accidentally hit some rock or roots (I broke my toes twice, so glad to have some extra security). 


rock plate wrapping around mid foot



toe box with protective rand



The sole is partly made of La Sportiva's Frixion sticky rubber that they also use on their rock climbing shoes. Plenty sticky, but I wonder about durability of such a rubber. They are holding up fine up till now but time will tell. 


The upper is mostly mesh, reinforced by before mentioned TPU frame, and other plastic sections. I haven't had it out in real bad tropical rain, but it being mesh, and lacking GoreTex, it gets wet real quick, and dries real quick. A relief. 

All in all:

A really sturdy but light technical trail runner, that offers great support on harder and more rocky trails. If you have a narrow foot, you should most definitely try it out. 



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