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Apple Pie

rated 0.5 of 5 stars I wouldn't even consider buying this, for moral reasons. It has a 'Non-GMO Verified" symbol on it. Anti-GMO paranoia has prevented life-saving Golden Rice from reaching millions of vitamin A deficient Asians, mostly children, who go blind and die by the hundreds of thousands. For more information on this, search on the Web for "Golden Rice Now" I do not buy food items with the "Non-GMO Verified" symbol, for moral reasons. Full review

Apple Pie

rated 5 of 5 stars Larabar makes an outstanding trail bar that comes in a variety of flavors that all taste great, and have a very high calorie per ounce. Sometimes it seems like I live under a rock, but the other day my daughter shared a trail bar with me that I had never really heard of before from a brand called Larabar.  I thought the trail bar tasted outstanding as it had a consistency like a dense Fig Newton (another food I really enjoy), which I also really liked. Now that I have had a Larabar I notice them… Full review

Cherry Pie

rated 4 of 5 stars Amazing! If you like cherries then you will love this! Light, small and they last a long time. A good healthy snack, but be warned you will pay for it because they are not cheap. Buy them on sale! Full review

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Gluten-Free Energy Bars for Outdoor Athletes
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September 17, 2012


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