I wish I could truly review mine, but in the middle…

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $94

I wish I could truly review mine, but in the middle of the most snowless winter I probably have lived through I cannot. We have no snow and haven't had more than two inches of same this season.

I can say I have a brand new pair of 10x36's bought late last spring and they look great and they appear to be tough as bullhide, but I do not know. They do measure almost an inch over 36.

I did pay $94 for mine on a Sierra Trading Post closeout. And I look forward to trying the BOA system. They did come in a carrying bag, which has a shoulder strap and Velcro straps for carrying poles.

I gave four stars because of Garneau's reputation, and by the looks of the construction of these shoes using my own experience with many other snowshoes. I'll change that rating accordingly if need be if it ever snows. They well may be 5 star.

I wouldn't mind seeing small side bars near the tail to help prevent rear side sliding. They wouldn't effect glissading.





I agree that the lack of snow in the east has been very disappointing this year, Old Guide. I hope you have the chance to use your new snowshoes soon. FYI, I removed your rating for you until then.

9 months ago
Old Guide

No snow in the forecast :(

9 months ago

I know, so sad...

9 months ago

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