Lowa Zephyr GTX Mid



I bought the Zephyrs in a sample sale at a local outdoor…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Materials: Leather and gore-tex
Use: Dayhikes and short backpacking trips
Break-in Period: None
Weight: 2 lbs. 4 oz. for size 9
Price Paid: $130

I bought the Zephyrs in a sample sale at a local outdoor store and have brought them on a few backpacking/camping trips now. I have been very pleased and really enjoy the Gore-tex liner which makes it breathable and waterproof.

The boots fit well, but I think that the sizes run a little large. I normally wear a size 6 and bought a size 5.5. They offer great arch support and my foot does not slide around inside of them. This is sometimes a problem for me because I have narrow heels. The soles are not cushy at all, so you may want to consider buying more comfortable insoles.

Still, I recommend these boots because of their great support, the Goretex, and the thick tread great for dry and wet conditions.


Comfortable and ready to wear, but didn't last. I'll…

Rating: rated 1 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $200


Comfortable and ready to wear, but didn't last.


  • Very comfortable out of the box
  • Stylish for hiking boots


  • Seam busted open after one week of light use
  • Slippery on wet pavement

I'll start with the things I liked about the boot: They were extremely comfortable right out of the box. My ankles and feet felt supported and my feet never got tired while wearing these boots. They are also a stylish boot.

Now the cons: The boots have no traction on slippery pavement. I was walking with friends wearing converse sneakers and flip flops and they both had better traction than I did in these boots.

After three weeks of ownership and maybe 20 miles of urban or light hiking, the seam near the outer toe began to tear. I thought I might be able to sew it up after I returned home, but it only got worse with time to the point where I decided I ought to return them. No sense in spending $200 on boots that don't hold up with light use.

I returned them to REI and the guy there said that he's seen the same tear on several returned Lowa Zephyrs.


These boots look good, feel good for an hour or so,…

Rating: rated 1 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $200.


These boots look good, feel good for an hour or so, cause tendon damage and pain.


  • Looks good


  • Terrible pronation of the foot causing pain and lon-term injury.

Uggh! good looking boot. Comfortable walking around in the store, but these boots cause terrible pronation of the foot, resulting in severe Plantar Facilitis, after just a few hours of walking. This is not a single occurrence issue, but foot damage with every wearing of these boots. It sometimes requires 3+ months to heal from the tendon damage caused by these boots. I will never wear these boots again, even though they have so few days of wear on them. I've never in my 50+ years of climbing, hiking, hunting etc. worn boots which caused this painful affliction. I've used many different brands of boots including: HiTec, Danner, Red Wing, LaCross, Kennetrek, and a hand full of European boots, without issue. Beware!


Best boot ever made. I have bad feet, real bad, but…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $250


Best boot ever made. I have bad feet, real bad, but these boots are so comfortable they allow me to work 10 hours a day standing.


  • Comfort like no other
  • Looks great
  • Rubber soles make no sound when walking
  • No shoelace eyelets on top of foot making it more comfortable


  • If shoelaces break you can't get regular laces to work
  • Fits a little tight unless you get a half size larger
  • Goretex kind are hot

Telling you, if you like the look of this shoe but need somthing that is comfortable then don't worry, they are the most comfortable boot I ever had.

I have a tehered spinal cord that causes a lot of foot pain. I have tried at least 50 different brand of shoes over the past 20 years always looking for something to help my feet. I stand on concrete 10 hours a day and my left ankle is crooked, normaly go through 3 pair of boots a year due to the crooked ankle causeing excess wear to the side of left boot.

I have had my Lowas for about 8 months now and they are holding up great, and the rubber that comes up the side of my shoe helps to keep my ankle straight so the shoe doesn't wear out as fast. I just got my 2nd pair of the desert Lowas, first pair were the green GTX. The green ones are a little warm for summer so will wear the desert pair in the heat.

They fit like a sock, my feet actualy feel better with them on rather than off. I did get a size larger so I can add extra shoe soles or inserts to the boot, so i don't know just how comfortable the shoe sole that comes with the boot is cause I have an extra gel soul on top of that.

Normally whatever I get iI buy a size and half larger and put 3 to 4 shoe inserts in each shoe, these are comfortable enough that I got a smaller size and use only 1 extra shoe sole.

Can't say enough good things about this boot. It laces well, but the laces are small and so are the eyelets they go through so I dont think regular laces will fit if these break. I haven't been in much water with my Gortex pair other than walking accross parking lot in rain, but my feet haven't gotten wet. They have great traction and are extremely quiet, if you run on pavement they make no noise at all.


Got the Lowa Zephyrs. Haven't walked in them yet,…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: ??

Got the Lowa Zephyrs. Haven't walked in them yet, but I am very impressed with them!

Extremely lightweight, comfortable, they fit true to size and they are passing Gore-tex's  waterproofing test method that is recommended to the consumer.

For 12 hours now, the boots have been filled with water and not one drop can be seen on the outside of the boot, or on a sheet of paper under the boot.

These Lowas are made in Slovakia. The craftsmanship between a European made vs a Chinese made boot is blatantly obvious. Another example of — you DO get what you pay for.

Will update the review as I break them in. I'm truly looking forward to walking in these.

Update: February 7, 2012

Wore these 3 times taking the dog for a walk. 2 miles/walk

I think the Lowas are broken in already.

Love how you can walk on an asphalt road and be as quiet as can be...no "clomp clomp clomp." You could actually sneak up on someone while you're wearing these.

I'm likin' 'em!