Weight 5 g
Dimensions 20 cm x 20 cm
Material 60% Nylon / 40% Polyester
Dry Time About 15 minutes

Manufacturer's Description

Scrubr is the ultimate sponge, scrubbie and dishcloth all in one. It doesn't get smelly. It dries too fast. Scrubr also rinses free of debris. It's in the weave. You know it cleans well because of the name. Scrubr is made from our QuickDri material. QuickDri dries crazy fast, doesn't get smelly, and easily rinses free of debris. That makes it perfect for smart people looking for a better solution to the sour smelling cotton dishcloths and sponges. It's ideal for your RV kitchen, boat galley, camp kitchen, office kitchen, and kitchen kitchen.

RV Noteworthy: Scrubr is excellent at debugging your windshield.

Aliases: dishrag, dishtowel, sponge, scrubber, scouring pad, and galley rag.

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