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An essential part of the Mammut avalanche airbag system, the Mammut Cartridge Refillable 207 Bar Alu rapidly inflates the airbag in compatible Mammut ABS packs (sold separately) during an avalanche.


No RAS or PAS safety system is complete without the essential Mammum Airbag System Aluminum Refillable Canister. This lightweight canister is used to deploy both the RAS and PAS avalanche safety airbags and can be refilled at any dive r paintball shop. An internal pressure gauge ensures that you don't accidentally pack an empty or underfilled canister.

- Mountain Gear

Empty PASRAS Cartridge for Mammut Airbag Systems This canister is just like the full one except you dont have to pay a 30 hazmat fee to have it shipped It fits both PAS and RAS packs by Mammut You can also have it shipped as fast as you want too 2nd day air next day whatever go crazy and hire someone to carry it directly to you in their checked bag We wont judge You can have it filled at a paintball shop dive shop or your local backcountry ski shop after you receive it Youll need a part called a blast washer before reinstalling it in your backpack


The Mammut Refillable 207 BAR Aluminum cartridge is an essential component of the avalanche airbag system and must be ordered separately. It can only be used with the new Removable Airbag System R.A.S. The must be refilled after any deployment. Users can refill empty cartridges themselves using the cartridge refill kit and a compressed air source.


Without the Mammut Cartridge Refillable 207 Bar Alu Empty, your Mammut Removable Airbag System (R.A.S.) pack will not function. The high-quality machined aluminum cartridge is designed to safely contain the 3,000 psi (pounds per square inch) of compressed air required to inflate the airbag in any Mammut R.A.S. pack. The cartridge must be filled before use (it ships empty) and then refilled after any deployment of the airbag. You can refill the cartridge at a compressed air source such as a scuba diving shop or a welding supply center. To repeat: the Mammut Cartridge Refillable 207 Bar Alu Empty is an essential component of the Mammut R.A.S. pack and must be purchased separately.

- Altrec Outdoors