Marmot PreCip Pant


Weight 9 oz / 255.1 g
Main Material PreCip® 2.5 100% Nylon Ripstop 2.7 oz / yd



I have used these pants for snowshoeing about a dozen…

Rating: rated 2 of 5 stars
Price Paid: Gift (Retail $75)

I have used these pants for snowshoeing about a dozen times and recently took them out for a hike in some steady drizzle.  Not 20 minutes from the trailhead, these pants were showing signs of wetting out.  I stayed out for about 2 hours, and by the time I was finished the thighs of the pants were completely wet, inside and out.  

Specs that I have found online indicate that this fabric supposedly carries a fairly hefty 15000mm waterproof rating. Despite this, these pants couldn't hold out a steady but light rain for more than half an hour.  

I will contact Marmot to see if they care to do anything about the product, as I am hoping that this product is simply defective. Otherwise I will keep these as strictly a winter shell pants, as they do work well for keeping the wind out without adding bulk. If these pants are not defective, then I am not even sure why I would even add the 9 measly ounces to my pack weight.

The pants are otherwise well constructed. The 1 rear pocket and 2 front pockets are shallow but adequate, and the drawcord works well if you need to tighten them up. If they actually kept out the rain, I would most likely own several.

Marmot claims that the new PreCip (Spring 2011) is now "more durably waterproof and breathable than ever". I am not sure if this is a problem with the older model of PreCips, but hopefully they will replace the product.


These are the Timex of pants - takes a licking and…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: On sale $59

These are the Timex of pants - takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Not that I recommend or advocate licking pants. Maybe I should say the EverReady of rain pants, Just keeps on going. A real value. Very functional. Dry. Breaths well. Durable for the weight.

The DWR stays on and I never had them "wet out". I have used my Precip Pants for two years in all kinds of weather. I never babied them. Washed them with regular laundry. The partial leg zip allows enough room to slide my size 11 Asolo 535's in and out with a little effort. There is a drawcord and a snap at the bottom to adjust the cuff. The pockets are very functional and can be used to vent (a little).

The fit is good - no issues with "crotch stop" while high legging over obstacles. I never feel them when I am wearing them and that's a good thing. They do breath pretty good and the interior laminate has never peeled or shown any wear. I have sat on rocks, logs, pavement and kneeled on all kinds of stuff without abnormal signs of wear. The nylon laminate fabric is thin, but wears well under normal use.

I recently got on a trail that had a lot of blow downs and sawbriars along with a sugar coating (snow). My pants got ripped up really bad. I sewed and selaed them and wore them the next weekend for a 5 day that included rain, snow and very cold wind - no problems.

Amount of use --I backpack 100 or more days/year in Tennessee and North Carolina where it rains/snows a lot. These pants have been well tested and never failed me. For the money these are a fantasitc value.

My Precip Jacket is 5 or so years old and still sheds wind and water and is still extremely functional. (jacket has been retired from trail use, and is used at work) Precip is good stuff.

I recently bought a Marmot Minimalist Jacket and may get the pants as well - or I'll just get another pair of Precip Pants. Either way I am sold on the Marmot name. Good product - I would highly recommend these pants.


I read a lot of reviews about these pants before I…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $65

I read a lot of reviews about these pants before I bought both my wife and myself a pair. Some people thought they sucked, but I already had the Marmot Precip Jacket and I love that so how bad could the pants be.

My wife and I went on a 4 day rafting trip, 3 of those days it was very windy and rainy. The pants worked incredibly well. They were easy to put on and off over our muddy shoes, very breathable allowing my wet pants to dry while still wearing all my layers. And the waterproofing was waterproof, imagine that.

They're very lightweight and easy to stow and carry, but I think if you're rough on your gear these pants may be too lightweight. My wife was very, very pleased with the pants and in the end a dry, warm girlfriend or wife is all that matters.


Bought these for general rain wear/to take hiking…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $70

Bought these for general rain wear/to take hiking in the mountains/rainy bike rides. All in all I like them very much the fabric is fine but seems like it could rip. I think they are rated at 15000 for waterproofness but I managed to soak them through (a little) once while spending four hours in a steady rain while power washing my deck. A brutal test for any rain wear although the Marmot Oracle Jacket kept my top half dry.

rated 3.50 of 5 stars All PreCip Pant versions

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