Marmot Scree Pant


Weight 1 lb 1 oz / 481.9 g
Main Material Softshell Double Weave 90% Nylon 10% Elastane Stretch 6.3 oz / yd



These pants are comfortable in a wide range of temperatures…

Rating: rated 3.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: on sale for $80


These pants are comfortable in a wide range of temperatures for a variety of uses. They stretch enough to do the splits and don't look too much like "outdoor" pants.


  • The fabric is durable and highly breathable
  • Fabric similar to Schoeller but about $150 less
  • Highly breathable


  • The fit is a bit old school with a tall rise
  • Too warm to use in the summer
  • Zippered cuff doesn't expand very much

My original intention with these pants was to use them as a summer climbing pant. But after the first day wearing them I realized they were intended for much colder temperatures. The highly breathable stretch woven is perfect for cool to cold weather activities including such things as bike commuting to work very early in the morning, hiking in the high country in the fall and cross country skiing.

Even though the pants fit trim, I can layer thin fleece tights under them when it gets really cold. The fabric is very abrasion resistant and has been tested in diverse activities such as manzanita bushwacking, cycling, chasing toddlers around on the carpet and failed attempts at off width climbing. Even after two plus years of use the pants look great and there's no discernible wear on the knees or butt.

All the pockets are deep enough to be functional and zippered to prevent loss, the ankle drawcord works well to turn the pants into knickers when you get too hot. The zippered cuff doesn't really expand the cuff very much, the pants could probably function just as well without the zippers.

Would I buy another pair of these pants? Yes, in fact I own both colors - gray and black and if they came in red I'd probably buy a third pair.


I love wearing these pants on short backpacking trips…

Rating: rated 3.5 of 5 stars
Source: received it as a personal gift


I love wearing these pants on short backpacking trips and afternoon outings alike. They are lightweight, perfect for layering.


  • The three pockets (all zip) make organization easy on trail
  • machine washable!
  • Fleece lining on the upper pockets is LUXURIOUS, my favorite feature
  • Excellent job repelling burs


  • Slim cut makes it hard to layer with boots, despite the zippers
  • Its only been 8 months, but I'm already getting pilling on the seat of the pants

The fit of these soft shell pants was unusual—I went up a size, and can easily throw on 1 or 2 wicking layers to stay warm in most conditions.  That said, there is a lot of flexibility in the fit of these pants, the elastic waistband has plenty of give, and the ankles can be zipped up to tightly seal out cold air, or opened (although mine still would not fit over the ankle of my boots). 

I've also found that the fit is comfortable enough that I'll just add fleece pants right over them when I get into camp after a day on the trail (or a hard-shell in poor weather).  I've used the pants in rainy, snowy and windy conditions, and found that they do a good job of keeping me protected.  They do not provide warmth, but they do a good job of blocking the wind, and the wet- including sweat. This does well at wicking away sweat so when I stop for breaks, my temperature doesn't do a nose-dive. 

So far, my main issue with these pants has been handling abrasion. I'm not gentle on my gear, but I'm surprised to  see pilling (especially along the lines where my harness hits) after 8 months.

Otherwise, this is a pair of well made pants, the seams are showing no signs of use, the fleecy pockets are still fleecy and I'm still going to be wearing them for a long time to come.


I ordered these pants off of Sierra Trading Post's…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars

I ordered these pants off of Sierra Trading Post's site and wore them around the house to see whether or not they were worthy of keeping. The fit, material, comfort and look of the Marmot Scree Pants put them at the top of the chart.

The first chance to get them outdoors came on a car camping trip with my wife down to Cape May, NJ. They were a hit but I never really had the chance to put them through their paces (so to speak).

Last weekend I took them on a backpacking trip to Bear Mountain/Harriman State Park in New York with two of my friends. I started out wearing a pair of OR pants (I cannot remember the name) because it was a warm day (I'll try using the Scree's exclusively the next time I have the chance). After arriving at our shelter the next day, a front came through and it got significantly windier and definitely colder. Perfect.

Now it was time to break out the Scree Pants and put them to the test. I instantly realized their wind resistant properties and the soft interior not only felt nice on my skin but created the warmth securing properties I was hoping for in these pants. They allowed me to wear my own belt (so I could hang my Leatherman), resisted stains and made my friends jealous.

If you purchase these you will not regret it. I am a 50 year old man, 6' 225 lbs and the Large pair fit me quite well. As a former U.S. Army Special Forces chaplain who now owns his own home remodeling business whose been backpacking/camping/being outdoors for 37+ years now--you can trust these words. Enjoy!


These are fairly light so can be used in warmer weather.

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $69 on sale


These are fairly light so can be used in warmer weather. The factory DWR is very good but I haven't had them long enough to know how long it lasts. Good wind resistance and fast drying. Great in colder weather as they flex over a base layer well. Not insulated at all tho.


  • Comfortable and flex without that polyester leisure suit feeling
  • Good comfort with elastic in the waistband


  • On the thin side for winter use

Oops, I pretty much said it all in the summary.


These are great stretchy, warm pants for cool conditions.

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $79


These are great stretchy, warm pants for cool conditions. They are very wind resistant and withstand a ton of abuse.


  • Good fit
  • Stretch
  • Durable
  • Zip cuffs


  • Needs more lighter colors
  • Ankle elastic a little irritating at times.

I don't think they would do well in temps above the 60s (F) because they're pretty warm, but they do breathe well.


I can only speak to fit and not function although…

Rating: rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $110


I can only speak to fit and not function although it was immediately obvious that the Scree is very well made with quality materials. They also offer as little restriction as you could possibly want and are soft against your skin. Impressive pants.

I ordered the Screes after a lot of research. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the size I wear available at any local retailers to try on in advance. When they arrived I was stoked. While they were fine in the butt, and the very forgiving elastic made them comfortable in the waist, they were too baggy for my taste. I have pretty big legs and bagginess isn't usually a problem. 

I called over to a store and got someone on the floor who knew about the Screes. He said they tend to run loose in the legs. He suggested the Marmot Rockstar as an alternative which uses the same M3 material but has a more low-profile cut.  

These are still excellent pants and would do as well over a base layer as they would under a hard shell.  I just prefer a little more fit in the legs. The Rockstar delivered that and I'll be doing a review once I've got them out there a bit. 

Of course, as it is whenever you're talking about cars, body types and tastes, your mileage may vary.


I have the Scree pants and they have great articulation in the knees. Very comfortable to wear.

3 years ago

Yeah...they definitely move with you, huh? The Rockstars I ended up getting, and reviewed on here, just provided a little better fit for me. Either way, I'm going to keep going with Marmot softshell pants. Only way to travel.

2 years ago

OK, so I got the black Marmot Scree Pants 3 months…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $89

OK, so I got the black Marmot Scree Pants 3 months ago and have been wearing them around town to see how they fit and I can say that they are a very good design.... BUT just wearing them around is really not enough to fully understand what these pants are worth so we went to North Fork and did some hiking and kayaking for 4 days and I found that these pants are truly the very best 4 season pants on the market and I'm buying the grey ones as soon a I can.

They kept me warm, they have a stretch quality kinda like a soft shell jacket, they are stretchy and bend with every movement. I am 5 foot 11 inches and I got the Medium/Reg. These are the best on the market!

I recommend winter hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, summer hiking, climbing etc. This is an all around pair of pants.