A great product for zipper maintenance. One stick…

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A great product for zipper maintenance. One stick lasts a long time. Does not attract or hold sand and dirt. No mess. Easy to use.


  • Easy to use
  • No mess
  • Does not stain or damage fabrics or thread

In 2003 I bought this product because it was recommended for my drysuit. It worked so well on the drysuit that I started using it on backpacks, tents, down jackets, and waterproof jackets. Any high dollar gear with a zipper is likely to get Zip Tech'd.

It actually helps seal water out of water resistant zippers. Product is easy to use and the benefits are noticed immediately. I apply it occasionally, especially if a zipper is feeling a little rough or hard to operate.

In 2015 I just bought my second tube of it. The amount of product in the tube lasts a long time in my experience. It is not gummy, and does hold dirt or sand. I have never noticed any discoloration of fabric or threads and no thread deterioration.

It is like chapstick — turn the wheel and product raises up. With zipper closed, rub the product on outer teeth; outer teeth are the teeth that you see (on a single sided slider with one zipper pull, the pull is on the side of the outer teeth). I would highly recommend this product. 


Nice! I'll have to look into this.

11 months ago

Sounds very useful. Thanks for the review, HootyHoo.

11 months ago

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