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An extremely sharp, durable, carbon steel knife for…

Rating: rated 4.5 of 5 stars
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Price Paid: $13


An extremely sharp, durable, carbon steel knife for $15?? Yes, please!


  • Very sharp
  • Durable
  • Nice rubber grip
  • Sheath included
  • Made in Sweden


  • Not a full tang knife
  • Spine of blade cannot produce sparks with a flint striker

This is by far the best knife under 20 bucks that I have found. (If anyone has found a better one, or has a suggestion, comment below because I'd like to check it out!)

Simply put, it is durable, sharp, easy to hold, and light weight. It has become my trusty companion — no pun intended — on many hikes and camping adventures.

The fixed blade is a little over 4 inches long (spine is 2.5mm, or .10in) with a drop point edge and straight from the factory it is really sharp. I was able to cut paper with only the weight of the knife by sliding it back and forth on the paper's edge. With some bigger stuff, it can easily cut through quarter inch sticks.

The carbon steel is really strong. There's no give to it, and I've been able to use it for batoning thicker branches and such. I don't use it for that, but if I had to, I know I could.

Even the edge of the blade is durable. When I first got it, I was sitting by a campfire preparing a stick to roast some sausage and hot dogs. Used to a knife that isn't as sharp, I cut straight through the stick and hit the sharp edge right across a rock. When I looked at the blade, there was just one small ding in it, which I was able to get out later.

There is nothing super special about the sheath, but there really isn't anything bad about it either. It's one piece of molded plastic, and it's quite durable. The knife snaps right in, and it holds the knife well. There is a small hole in the sheath where the point of the knife is. I'm guessing that's to allow water do drain if it gets wet.

There are really only two things that disappointed me about the knife. One is that it's not a full tang knife. It's a 3/4 tang knife, which means that the steel does not entirely part of the handle. That usually means it's less durable, but I've had no durability issues yet.

The biggest letdown for me about this knife is that when I struck the spine against my flint, it did not create sparks. I fixed that problem by filing down part of the spine to make a sharp enough edge to create sparks.

So far this knife has been well worth the money. The Swedish-made carbon steel is sturdy and very sharp. The rubber grip feels really good in my hands, and I clip the sheath either to my backpack or my belt. It's light enough that I don't feel it there, and I was able to make it create sparks.

For $15 dollars, you can do just about anything with it and not feel guilty about ruining it, and you can use it for lots of different jobs. My dad likes to use his for basic wood working and one of my buddies takes his fishing.

I would highly recommend this knife. I've yet to find a better quality-for-the-price ratio. And they make great gifts!

Daniel Oates

Great review, Adam! I actually got one last month and I like it so far. Haven't tried to use it with a flint, but the filing down is good to know.

24 days ago
Adam Jepson

Thanks for the comment! Yeah, the spine was a bit rounded and not rough enough to make sparks when dragged across a flint. Filing it down made the edge more square, and I now get lots of sparks.

24 days ago
trouthunter MODERATOR

I agree, this is a great 'bang for the buck' knife. They are sharp, durable, and fit the hand well.

23 days ago

The best deal around. This knife was rated as one of the best outdoor knives to have by either Field and Stream or Outdoor Life (I forget which one). I have bought a few. I am missing one (not sure where I left it) and I'm not crying because I'm only out $15.00. I've never missed the full tang so, for me, not a big deal. Nice review!

20 days ago

Great knives! I've got 2 Companions, 1 Firesteel and 1 filet and I absolutely love them. Great camp and all around duty knives. I've also got a short blade crafting knife for cutting Amsteel and the like and it works great too. Never miss the full tang and the handle does indeed feel great in the hand. Great review Adam!

19 days ago

I have this knife and love it. If you take the knife and put it in a vice so that the top edge is sticking up above the vice you can use a file to file the top edge to be flat and not rounded. Then wrap some sandpaper around the file and smooth it off and it will throw sparks with a firesteel. You just need a 90 degree edge on top to throw sparks. As it is you can stiil use the blade side but it will dull the blade.

19 days ago

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The Morakniv Companion is an all-in-one knife for outdoor buffs. Blade of Swedish cold-rolled stainless steel. Patterned high-friction grip makes the knife pleasant to hold and easy to handle.