Mountain Hardwear Hooded Phantom Jacket

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Whether you're heading to a snowcave party or planning a week-long expedition, bring the Mountain Hardwear Women's Hooded Phantom Jacket for warmth that lasts until the party ends. Innovative technology infuses down fibers with water resistance, making this down jacket an easy choice when you're facing damn cold and damp conditions. From winter camping in Jackson Hole to skiing through some bitter wind in the White Mountains to straining against a fiercely cold headwind in Chicago, the Hooded Phantom keeps you warm and toasty until you're ready to call it quits. Down is an outstanding insulator, except when wet. Typically, down consists of a detailed network of feather and plumule fibers. Within the structure, air gets trapped and creates a boundary between cold air from the environment and warm air from your body. The warm air stays close to you, providing warmth. Moisture causes the lattice network to collapse, eliminating air pockets, and thereby eliminating the ability to separate warm and cold air. Rather than accept the status quo, the folks at Mountain Hardwear created Q-Shield Down. Down is infused with a permanent water repellancy so you can still enjoy the warmth-to-weight ratio only offered by down, and wear the jacket in less-than-perfect conditions. Does the forecast call for flurries, sleet, or frozen rain' Great! You and the Hooded Phantom are ready for action, even if it's a little too damp for your pet duck. Other nifty features on the Hooded Phantom include an insulated hood, preventing your noodler from getting cold, and two front hand-warmer pockets that hold your gloves, keys, and lip balm. An interior water bottle pocket lets you carry a bevy without it turning into a frozen treat, and the Phantom can be stored in its own pocket when you're not wearing it. -

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