Mountainsmith Trekker FX MonoPod

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I generally use two poles for winter hiking and snowshoeing;…

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I generally use two poles for winter hiking and snowshoeing; but for summer treks, I find one pole is sufficient, and easier to keep out of the way during scrambles. Last summer, I decided to put away the single ski pole I had used for summer, and try an actual trekking pole.

I did not want to spend a lot of money, as this was going to be new—using an adjustable pole, with spring mechanism. My husband and I bought the same model...well, I am now sold, and really like the Mountainsmith Trekker monopod.


  • Price
  • Adjustable feature has held up well
  • Soft grip and top knob
  • Monopod for camera


  • Rubber tips wear out quickly
  • Does not hold heavier cameras that well

The straps and grip are comfortable,and have a range of adjustments. I did put bicycle handlebar tape on my grip,as I prefer a thicker grip than is standard on any pole.

The adjustable length feature is appreciated, and handy, as I hike varying terrain, and sometimes I want to not use the pole, and it can easily be clipped to my pack in its shortest configuration. My husband is quite tall, and uses the pole to compensate for a bad knee. Neither of us has experienced any slippage in the locking mechanism. The shocks seem to work well, even though this is not an expensive pole.

I do not use the rubber caps; my husband did, but said they wore out quite quickly. Replacements are available, but we have not purchased any. The carbide tips have held up very well, even since we use the poles on rock and gravel, as well as forest and rooty soil. The baskets have remained firmly affixed.

The monopod feature has been very useful; It saves us from having to carry a tripod with us. I have noticed that with my larger point-and-shoot camera (10 oz.), when the pole is at normal height for me, it can be a bit wobbly, so placement is critical. It is fine with my smaller point and shoot (6 oz).

This pole has held up well, with frequent (3-5 times per week) use over three seasons of hiking. It has definitely been a nice addition to our hiking arsenal.



Nice review, Sheila! Thanks for sharing it.

1 year ago

Nice review, Sheila. That is a beautiful picture. Where was that taken?

1 year ago
Sheila Bergin Goss

Wheeler Mt. near Barton,VT

1 year ago

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